Travel Like a Pro: 50 Game-Changing Tips for Your Next Adventure

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I love a good list of solid tips and travel hacks and I wanted to share some great ones. Recently, I encountered a thorough checklist that one digital nomad collected from polling a popular online traveling community.

Travelers Raved About These Tips

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  1. Give your travel itinerary to a friend or family member who is not traveling with you.
  2. For international travel, look for flights in the airline’s native language for potential savings.
  3. Consider asking wait staff, bartenders, or the hotel cleaning staff for local recommendations instead of the concierge or front desk.
  4. Bring an extra pair of dry socks to fly with in case of emergencies.
  5. Do not be aggressive or angry with airline employees, foreign police, etc. The best attitude to have is “dim and cheerful,” especially when dealing with a language barrier.

5 More Helpful Hacks

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  1. Roll everything, fold nothing.
  2. The best room in a cheaper hotel is often better than a standard room in an expensive one.
  3. Travel mates are often more important than the destination.
  4. Disguise expensive photography gear with duct tape or gaff tape. It will look damaged and cheap, and no one will steal it.
  5. To get the best light and low crowds for photos, wake up early at your destination.

Navigation is Critical

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  1. Download the city map and Google Translate for offline use.
  2. Call your airline when a flight is canceled. Do not stand in line to speak with an agent.
  3. When it’s too late to cancel your hotel reservation and get a refund, try to call and push back your reservation to next week. Then call back a few hours later and cancel your “new” reservation.
  4. Browse the helpful apps like It will show multiple ways to get to your destination, including rental and mass transit options.
  5. Find the subreddit of the city you’re traveling to and search threads like “best food in the city” for hidden gems.

Packing and Saving

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  1. Pack an extension cord and a three-port charger to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  2. Plane sleepers: determine what side of the plane the sun will be on ahead of time and book your seat on the opposite side.
  3. Pack lightly. Purchase cheaper items such as shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner at your destination.
  4. Always attempt to arrive early or depart early in case things go wrong. This will help you not to miss connecting flights, important events, or expensive bookings.
  5. Find the cheapest hotel rates by booking directly with the hotel.

5 Top-Voted Hacks

Family travel

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  1. Bring old clothing that kids are about to outgrow, then throw them out before leaving to make room for souvenirs.
  2. Cut a kitchen sponge into pieces, soak it with dish soap, then toss it in a zip-top bag. You can use them to wash water bottles/tumblers in the hotel sink.
  3. Low humidity can be a real drain. Carry an entire bottle of water and lip balm. Avoid summer hiking due to the heat. Check the weather at your destination before you travel.
  4. Per casinos, if you gamble, don’t drink. If you drink, don’t gamble. Set a loss limit, and bring envelopes with the amount of cash you are willing to lose each session. Set a win limit, put the winnings in the envelope, and seal it when the limit is reached. Also, have your social security card or passport as proof of ID if you win beyond a specific limit since the IRS requires the casino to withhold the income tax.
  5. Purchase a sling-style pillow you can wear to sleep comfortably while flying in economy class.

Valuable Travel Tips

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  1. You can buy status on (it’s resold corporate travel benefits from most major airlines and shows up just like regular status in the airline’s app).
  2. Use binder clips to close draperies and completely block out light in a hotel room. The binder clips also turn regular hangers into skirt/pants hangers.
  3. Eat at a place filled with locals, not other tourists.
  4. Do not go anywhere with taxi drivers or random strangers if you did not request to go to that location.
  5. Pack a pair of underwear for each day you will be away, plus one additional pair for emergencies.

Currency and Preparation

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  1. Use credit or debit cards. Withdraw cash from an ATM for minimal fees instead of converting your cash to another currency.
  2. Notify your bank if you’re traveling internationally or enable international purchases on your account before travel.
  3. Pack shower shoes if you are staying in a hostel.
  4. Make room on your phone before traveling by deleting unnecessary apps, photos, and videos.
  5. Don’t drive exhausted. It can affect you the same way as driving intoxicated.

Tips Not on Every List

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  1. When looking for the shorter lines, head to the left.
  2. Pack your toiletries and medications in a carry-on in case checked luggage disappears.
  3. Plan your return from travel on a Thursday so that work is only for one day before the weekend.
  4. Make a plan to recover from jetlag. Hydrate while flying too.
  5. Bring a small bar of soap or bath gel from the hotel for sightseeing. Public restrooms may not have soap available.

Flights and Layovers Prep

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  1. Consider using to find the best seats on any plane.
  2. For long layovers, check the qualifications for any nearby lounges. You may qualify to enjoy the amenities based on credit cards or frequent traveler programs.
  3. Upon hotel check-in, ensure your shower water gets hot before leaving. No one wants to return to a cold shower at the end of a long day.
  4. Travelers with menstrual cycles should always carry supplies since the cycle can change unexpectedly due to changes in diet, sleep, and other factors affected by travel.
  5. The website usually shows canceled or delayed flights before the airline sends a notification.

Final Travel Tips

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  1. Compression socks help to relieve leg muscles and prevent cramping.
  2. Fanny packs do not count as personal items. They are perfect for small items such as a phone, power bank, pen, wallet, charger, and passport.
  3. Pack a plastic bag for dirty clothes to separate them from clean ones after travel.
  4. Keep a packing list on your phone and update it whenever you think of something to add.
  5. Use electrical tape to keep containers closed when traveling at high altitudes. This will prevent shampoo or conditioner messes when unpacking.

Source: Reddit

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