Travelers Share 12 Views From Airplanes That Rocked Their World

Female airplane passenger enjoying the view from the cabin

If you’re lucky enough to be assigned a window seat, you’ll want to make the most of it. Certain flights may come with more mesmerizing vistas, but the experience of drifting above the clouds is still awe-inspiring.

As for which window sightings are the most wonderful? One online community shares its take below.

1. Sunrise

Grand Canyon National Park

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“I’ve been fortunate to witness some incredible sunrises,” says one traveler. “But there is one particular flight that felt extra special. I was heading home from six months of studying abroad. The start of this chapter had been a little rocky, but watching the sun rise from behind an ocean of clouds at 30,000 feet felt like the perfect way to end the adventure.” Have you ever caught a glorious sunrise from the air?

2. The Galapagos Islands

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The Enchanted Islands, as the Galapagos is often called, is a place to warrant absolute excitement. Indeed, the landscapes here are otherworldly, so catching sight of the archipelago beforehand can feel like you’re about to leave civilization and enter into a prehistoric dream.

3. The Antarctic Coast

aerial view glaciers

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Only a tiny handful of people get to experience visiting Antarctica. But these travelers say the same thing. They are consistently blown away by the miles of glaciers and icebergs framing the most pure-blue ocean water they’d ever seen.

4. A Thunderstorm Far Below

aerial view thunderstorm

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While getting caught in a thunderstorm is nobody’s definition of a good time, witnessing it from high above while flying through the air is a cathartic experience.

“It was just fascinating to stare at for quite a while as the plane took a perfectly safe path around it in bright blue daylight,” remembers of woman. “It didn’t look like a destructive force of nature but like a delicate bit of sparkly fluff, putting on a show just for me.”

5. Europe For the First Time

aerial view provence france

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As someone who could never travel overseas until last year, almost everything I saw from the plane’s window was breathtaking. Seeing Europe for the first time from above, however, was awe-inspiring.

Visiting a new continent represents excitement, hope, and a feeling of invincibility, and I hope I can hold onto that feeling for a long time.

6. The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps

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Sometimes, being in the presence of greatness can be life-changing — Seeing the Swiss Alps for the first time can do precisely that. “The scenery was so breathtaking that it magically made my fear of flights disappear,” one man confesses. “I had had it ever since I was a child, and I overcame it when I was 31. An amazing experience.”

7. Fireworks on the 4th of July

aerial view fireworks

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While traveling on Independence Day is not ideal for most people, it does come with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Many people find it hard to describe how magical it is to see fireworks on a 4th of July evening from high above the clouds. It’s a vantage point that most people never enjoy fireworks from in their lives.

8. A Meteor Surprise

aerial view meteor shower

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One recent business traveler recounts a late-night flight where he was seemingly the only person awake. Lucky for him, he caught a genuinely magical moment. “The cloud cover wasn’t too far below us, and lit by the full moon, it looked like a landscape that went on forever,” he explains.

“I had stared out the window for what seemed like hours, then in an instant, a meteor scribed a perfect arc across the sky, and while that line hung there, it glowed so much more brightly than the luminous clouds. It was so perfect that it felt like time stopped for a moment.” This person has a future as a poet.

9. A Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse

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Catching a solar eclipse while flying in a plane is exceedingly tricky. First, a traveler must sit in the right seat while timing the eclipse perfectly. Then, if all goes according to plan, the person is greeted by one of the most naturally beautiful sights in the world as darkness gets slowly pulled over the landscape and horizon.

10. The Stars

night sky from plane

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Forget about a grassy field in the middle of nowhere; having a little luck while flying is the way to experience the billions of stars above! “Years ago, I was on a red-eye, and it was amazing to see all the stars,” reports one woman. “I have yet to visit a place on the Earth itself where one could see so many like that.”

11. The Grand Canyon

Sunset moment at Horseshoe bend Grand Canyon National Park. Colorado River. famous view point.

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Most people only fully grasp how expansive and vast the Grand Canyon is once they fly over it – even travelers who see it on the ground don’t realize how massive it is! Countless people express astonishment when they see the Grand Canyon while flying – the scope is unreal.

12. The Runway

plane view runway

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For many travelers who have experienced severe turbulence, the runway is sometimes the most beautiful thing to see after a tumultuous flight. One woman remembers thinking the worst – until she finally saw the ground around the airport. “It was such a beautiful site seeing that runway, grass, and terminal out of the window,” she confesses. “I’ve never been more grateful to be on the ground after a flight.

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