Beyond the Grave: 12 Chilling Paranormal Events That Defy Logic

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When it comes to ghosts, are you a believer or skeptic? From haunted nursing homes to late night apparitions, these chilling true stories shared by one online community may make you feel differently. Once you finish reading, think of which spine-tingling incident stands out most.

1. Ghost Tour Follow Up

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One user recounts their experience following a ghost tour in Victoria, B.C. During the tour, they visited a brothel where the remains of 10 women had been discovered.

Later that night, they woke up to find a dark, shadowy shape in their room. After 10 minutes of locking eyes with the figure, they turned to wake their partner only to find the apparition had disappeared.

Sleep paralysis or ghostly encounter? You decide.

2. Pink Feathers

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Another commentator shared how they kept finding pink feathers on themselves shortly after their grandma passed away. Pink had been their gran’s favorite color, so initially it was oddly comforting, but the user claimed not to own anything that would have pink feathers. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped.

3. Edward the Ghost

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The third supernatural story sharer explains how their whole family had experiences seeing apparitions over the years. For example, they would see a tall guy wearing a coat-like jacket standing against the doorway.

Also, the family could see a shadow run across the basement, and lights would turn on and off. The odd part is that the house was new, with no history to explain the presence of a ghost.

4. The Night Owl

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One person mentions when they were up at night when the rest of the family was asleep. Then, suddenly, they saw their mom walk past the door when they were in their bedroom.

Upon following her, the user realized that the hall where she was seen had no lights on. So they checked and saw their mom fast asleep when they peered into their parents’ room immediately after.

5. The Man Who Loved TV

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It’s hard to be mistaken when your whole family can see a full-body apparition simultaneously. Someone tells us how their family could see the ghost of a man walk down the hallway and disappear. Apparently, the spirit liked to wait until the middle of the night and then turn the TV in the living room on full volume.

6. When Grief Meets Horror

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There are times when tragedies overlap with spookiness. One user narrates such an incident of being able to see their late father around the house. They bought their father’s house after his passing and could sense his presence in the workshop where he had taken his life.

7. Nursing Home Nightmare

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A former worker at a nursing home shares the experience of overnight rounds. Alongside an aid, they entered a resident’s room, where they saw white shoes and pants that would fade as they looked up. The aid screamed and never returned after that shift.

8. Japanese Horror Story

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A traveler tells us of their time in Japan. They struggled to open the front slide door when they returned home late one night. When they finally opened the sliding door, they saw white feet walking away in the hallway. As they looked up, it faded away.

9. The Ghost in Red

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Who was that man? One person shares the time they saw an apparition of a man in a red shirt walking in the backyard for a split second. They thought it was only in their head until their 3-year-old child who sat beside them asked, “Who was that man in the red shirt”?

10. The Displeased Great-Grandmother

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OK. This one is bone-chilling. An individual recalls seeing their great-grandmother standing in the doorway when they were 13. This was odd, considering she lived at least 20 miles away and had been dead for at least a week. To further confirm that this was an apparition, the figure had no eyes and looked unusually serious.

11. The Woman in the Car

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Not only houses but cars are just as capable of being haunted. Someone discusses how they could see a woman’s silhouette from the corner of their eye as they approached their vehicle.

However, the shadow would duck between the seats each time they got close. Their roommate also saw the shadow in the user’s absence when borrowing the car.

12. Thomas (Haunted) House Hotel

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Finally, a person shares the story of room 18 of a hotel in Tennessee. During their stay, they saw a ball move across the table they were sitting at. On top of that, the figure of the late hotel owner loomed in the doorframe.

However, the scariest bit was when they felt something tug on their hair.

Uh-huh, I’d be out of there! What do you think? Do you have a ghost story to share?

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