15 Hopping Breweries in Colorado Locals Can’t Resist

Best breweries in Colorado

Colorado is hailed as America’s “beer haven,” boasting over 400 craft breweries. Being spoiled for choice is only sometimes good, as you might not have all the time in the world to visit all 400 breweries. We’re sharing the 15 best breweries in Colorado, saving you from choice paralysis on your next trip.

1. New Terrain Brewing Company

new terrain brewing

Image Credit: Grayson Geiger.

New Terrain Brewing Company is made for explorers by explorers. Their beers, although sometimes brewed the traditional way, are crafted in unique and exciting ways through a curiosity to try new things. Whether you’re down for fun at one of their festivals or want to catch up with friends in their beer garden, New Terrain Brewing Company is a brewery that locals cannot resist.

2. Barrels & Bottles Brewery

barrels and bottles

Image Credit: Barrels and Bottles Brewery.

Barrels and Bottles offer “good beer, good wine, and good company.” More than anything, this brewery strives to create a sense of community. If you’re looking for a home away from home that serves delicious beer and wine, Barrels and Bottles is your kind of spot.

3. Cerebral Brewing

cerebral brewing

Image Credit: Cerebral Brewing.

This brewery combines science and art to create award-winning beers. Cerebral Brewing has embraced a ‘scientific approach to beer’ using an exact methodology to develop consistent, high-quality beers. Not only do they serve excellent craft beers, but they love serving their community, often raising funds for local causes. 

4. Casey Brewing and Blending

casey brewing

Image Credit: Casey Brewing and Blending.

Casey Brewing and Blending brings the old traditional brewing techniques to the modern-day customer. Time is their most important ingredient, as they use vintage oak barrels to age their beers. What’s more, the ingredients used are 99% locally sourced. For a sip of history, visit Casey Brewing and Blending in Glenwood Springs.

5. Denver Beer Company

denver beer company

Image Credit: Denver Beer Company.

The Denver Beer Company founders loved the Denver lifestyle so much that they created a brewery to match it. Everyone is welcome at the Denver Beer Company, including dogs (as long as they stay on the patio). Using traditional brewing methods and solar power, this brewery crafts a beer that is “approachable and dang delicious.”

6. Weldwerks Brewing Co.

weldwerks brewing

Image Credit: WeldWerks Brewing Co.

For a great beer and hearty hamburger, head to Weldwerks Brewing Co. in Greeley. This brewing company is recognized for its diverse beer styles, Juicy Bits being one of the country’s most regarded IPAs. With many awards, Weldwerks serves some of the most quality-made beers in Colorado

7. Broken Compass Brewing

broken compass brewery

Image Credit: Ashley Low.

Sometimes, getting lost isn’t the worst thing in the world. It often leads to discoveries and unique experiences. Broken Compass celebrates “those unintended departures from the norm” that have you stumbling across a new combination of grains and hops or a different favorite beer at your favorite brewery. For a unique selection of beers at a warm and welcoming brewery in Colorado, spend some time at Broken Compass Brewing.

8. Oskar Blues Brewery


Image Credit: Dale’s Pale Ale Oskar Blues Brewery.

What started as brewing Dale’s Pale Ale in a basement in 1997 has become one of Colorado’s most highly-rated breweries. Oskar Blues Brewery was the first company to serve craft beer in a can, and they have been trail-blazing ever since.

You can only taste their delicious small-batch beers at their tasting rooms, an excellent incentive to visit this brewery the next time you’re in Colorado.

9. Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

golden colorado welcome sign

Image Credit: Paul Brady Photography/Shutterstock.

With 15 years of professional brewing experience, two friends decided to open a brewing company together. After researching the area of Golden where their brewery would stand, they found that Clear Creek, a beautiful creek that runs through Golden, was initially named Cannonball Creek, and thus, the brewery had a name. For a tasty beer, good vibes, and a brewery that’s dog-friendly, Cannonball Creek Brewing Company is the perfect venue. 

10. TRVE Brewing Company

trve brewing

Image Credit: TRVE Brewing.

This authentic metal brewery in Denver has a dark atmosphere where they mostly play heavy metal music. Everyone is friendly and the main goal is to offer an excellent place to hang out with friends and drink incredible beer. Their brewing techniques don’t always follow the traditional guidelines (they’re “style blasphemers”), but every drink you order at TRVE is guaranteed to be delicious.

11. Great Divide Brewing Company

great divide brewery

Image Credit: Great Divide Brewing Company.

The Great Divide Brewing Company is a passion project that began in 1994 before Denver had a beer scene. This brewing company saw exponential growth since its conception and is now one of America’s most celebrated craft breweries. You’ll want to stop at the Great Divide for its high-quality, delectable ales and welcoming atmosphere. 

12. New Belgium Brewing Company

new belgium brewery

Image Credit: New Belgium.

Following a Belgium biking trip in 1988, a couple decided to introduce Belgian beer to Fort Collins. In 1993, with Belgian-style beers being so rare, their Abbey Ale won the Great American Beer Festival’s Speciality Category. They established their brewery and taproom in 1995 and have grown to become one of America’s best breweries. New Belgium Brewing’s biggest goal is to create great beer while considering the environment and contributing to the local community. 

13. Crooked Stave

crooked stave brewing

Image Credit: Crooked Stave.

Crooked Stave was born from Master’s research on progressive brewing techniques. Staves are the wooden slats that make up the wooden barrels, and the name Crooked Stave symbolizes the commitment the company makes to work closely with each barrel of beer they brew. Their world-class beer is one of many reasons you want to stop at Crooked Stave.

14. Dry Dock Brewing Company

dry dock brewery

Image Credit: Dry Dock Brewing Company.

Dry Dock opened in 2005 and was Aurora’s first craft brewery. In 1995, the co-owners expanded their homebrew shop by adding a microbrewery, and later a tasting room and “Seven BBL Brewery.” Dry Dock has since won awards for its high-quality craft beers and is an excellent brewery if you’re looking for good beer, tasty food, and a great vibe.

15. Avery Brewing Company

avery brewing

Image Credit: Avery Brewing Company.

Choosing against completing his law degree and convincing his father to invest his retirement money into opening a brewery, Avery Brewing founder created one of Colorado’s most beloved brewing companies. Avery is a space where people can gather and connect over award-winning beer, which is why you should add Avery Brewing Company to your Colorado Brewery bucket list. 


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