10 Tips and Tricks for Best Camping Practices

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Camping is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors. However, following best practices is essential to ensure a safe and efficient trip. After someone asked a camping forum online for the best tips and tricks, here are the responses and advice seasoned campers volunteered.

1. Rain Fly and Dry Clothes

According to many, setting up the rain fly when tent camping is important. Because, as soon as you don’t – it will rain!

One person suggests investing in giant Ziplock bags to keep clothes dry in case of rain. Staying dry is vital to a pleasant outdoor experience.

2. Packing Tips

It is common for campers to bring more clothing than they need. One person advised packing clothes that can be easily layered and worn for a couple of days.

3. Avoid Putting Bug Spray Inside Camping Bag

Don’t put bug spray inside your camping bag; it can easily spill and ruin everything.

One unhappy camper shared a personal experience of accidentally getting bug spray on a bag of candy, which ruined the candy.

4. Check the Weather Before Pitching the Tent

It’s important to make an educated guess on the weather when pitching a tent, especially in areas with unstable weather.

Make sure you are on high ground and not in a drainage that could be subject to flooding.

5. Pocket Bellows for Easier Fire Starting

Someone recommended bringing a pocket bellow – a hollow tube that can be used to direct air into a fire in a controlled way. This makes starting a fire easier. They suggested buying one of the ready-made collapsible ones or using a reusable metal straw.

A controlled, steady airflow into the middle of a tender bundle can help ignite a fire if the materials and wood are damp. It also keeps you from getting too close to the fire, making it safer to get that campfire to light. While not necessary, it can be a helpful tool.

6. Freezing Liquid Eggs for Ice (and Breakfast)

Several seasoned campers recommended purchasing small 500ml cartons of liquid eggs and freezing them for ice blocks in coolers – with the added benefit of having eggs to make omelets or scrambled eggs. Someone also suggested freezing thick-cut bacon for a bonus.

Also, be sure to pack an easy camp kitchen.

7. Hammock Setup Tips

Getting strong “webbing” rope for hammocks is a good idea. Also, bring extra in case the trees are further apart than anticipated. Tie it with long, taut ropes to prevent too much sagging and discomfort, and even add a side string to rock the hammock like a baby’s cradle to enjoy the starry view.

8. Emergency Campfire Pot

Another happy camper suggested a handy tip: before going on your trip, take a bunch of dried twigs, leaves, pinecone bits, and grass in melted wax in a small pot. Let it dry and set. The wax concoction creates an emergency campfire that is handy if it rains while camping.

9. Keep Tent Dry and Weighed Down

Many advised it’s important to remember that tents tend to retain water, so it’s recommended to lay a ground tarp (tent footprint) and hang a tarp cover (with walls if necessary).

Weigh down the inner corners with rocks even if the tent is staked down.

10. Put Your Tools Back

Finally, a camper emphasized the importance of returning tools where they belong after each use to avoid accidents or mishaps during camping trips.

These tips and tricks can help campers have a safer and more enjoyable experience outdoors.

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