15 Cities in Europe an American Can Live Comfortably for $2500 USD/Month

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When you think of the great European cities, Prague, Paris, Vienna, and Munich might be among the names that come to mind. But, as phenomenal as the European cities with the highest appeal are, they may be better vacation spots than homes if you’re looking to live on $2,500 per month or less.

We have uncovered 15 culturally vibrant, modern, and reasonably priced European cities that you could call home (if only for a month) on an average salary.

1. Madrid, Spain

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Madrid is doable if you’re not right in the city center, suggests one person. Madrid is known for its beautiful boulevards, perfectly manicured parks, and European art.

2. Split, Croatia

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Thanks in large part to the Croatian city Dubrovnik’s appearance in Game of Thrones, tourists have discovered the natural beauty of this nation with a substantial coastline on the Adriatic Sea. There are several cities in Croatia where you can live a modern life while mingling amongst history and natural beauty, and Split is one.

Split is the second-largest Croatian city, and its position on the Adriatic means you can access outdoor activities and the benefits of a large city on the cheap.

3. Crete, Greece

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You know all those Instagram pictures of coworkers or childhood friends in Mykonos or another glamorous island in the Mediterranean Sea? What if I told you that you could live on one of those islands, Crete, for less than you pay to live in a landlocked American city? Would you believe it?

You better believe it. Crete offers eye-popping beauty, trademark Greek architecture, and stunningly affordable prices for everything that matters.

4. Naples, Italy

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Many tourists likely assume that living in Italy is expensive, and it is expensive in some cities (like Milan). However, there are several cities where a single person’s monthly cost of living is $2,500 or even well below. Naples is one of those cities.

5. Sarlat, France

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The Dordogne region of France has been a popular spot for British ex-pats for quite some time. The medieval architecture and renowned cuisine offerings alone draw transplants from around the world. The shockingly affordable cost of living is just the cherry on top.

6. Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

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Another place hailed as a great place to live for under $2,500/month. The key is to find a place outside of the center of the city. Seville is famous for it’s architecture, tasty tapas, and bullfighting.

7. Evora, Portugal

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Portugal offers world-class natural beauty and vibrant culture. Evora also offers historical sites and architecture, some dating back to Roman times. However, Evora’s status as a university town means a constant buzz and lively social scene that many Americans who move to Europe are seeking.

8. Valencia, Spain

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Along with “great weather on the coast,” one transplant who fell in love with Valencia, Spain, notes living costs less than $2,500 per month.

Another Valencian transplant noted that it’s not the city for those who value their peace and quiet. Between the Fallas celebration and the general hustle and bustle that Spanish cities are known for, Valencia is oozing with life (and noise).

9. Bratislava, Slovakia

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The largest city in Slovakia, Bratislava, has an estimated population of more than 660,000. For example, many comparable cities in the United States (Boston and Portland) cost an arm and a leg to live in. You might spend your $2,500 on rent alone in Boston.

Bratislava offers breathtaking architecture, a socially liberal culture, plenty of fodder for social animals, and a reasonable cost of living.

10. Vilnius, Lithuania

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Many locales in Europe will cost as much as a top-tier American city, so I hope you didn’t expect to find Paris on this list. Instead, you get Vilnius, Lithuania, the capital of this Eastern European nation.

The architecture in Old Town will give you that old-timey European feel. At the same time, the modernity of Vilnius will help you stave off homesickness.

11. Belgrade, Serbia

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Belgrade is a city that, if you were an adult in the 1990s, might stick out like a sore thumb on this list of potential living destinations. While its involvement in the Yugoslav Wars has given Serbia a reputation for danger, Belgrade is a thoroughly modern city (and a budget-friendly one).

With a popping nightlife scene and the modern amenities you’d expect from a 21st-century city, Belgrade has become a reasonable option for many seeking a lower cost of living.

12. Bucharest, Romania

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While Bucharest has a troubled past, there aren’t many countries in the former Soviet Bloc that can claim otherwise. You’ll get the hustle and bustle of a big city in Bucharest without the high cost of living in an American city.

Do your homework on Romanian cuisine, as it could be a deal breaker for some. The affordability of living in Bucharest, as well as the mystique of living in a vibrant Eastern European metropolis, has been attractive to many ex-pats.

13. Tirana, Albania

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One European says you can live very well in Tirana, Albania. “Tirana is still incredibly cheap and relatively undiscovered by the tourist hordes. So, there is plenty to do and see. It has a vibrant cafe culture, great food options, and cheap lodgings. The city has a safe and mellow vibe. You’d live very well on $2500/month.”

14. Lisbon, Portugal

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If you’ve been dreaming of living in Portugal for $2,500 or less, one European says, “Lisbon, Porto, anywhere in Portugal, really.”

This charming coastal town makes the list with its stunning architecture, rich colonial history, and pleasant year-round weather. And the locals are friendly.

15. Munich, Germany

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One person shares, “Almost every city in Germany. Most college students live on less than 1000€ a month in the university cities.” The city is cherished for its cultural heritage but is also known to have lots of jobs.

If you’ve been thinking of living abroad in Europe, these are some of the top cities to live for $2,500 a month or less. These are great cities for American expats to live.

Have fun jet-setting around the world.

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