Worth the Money: 15 of The Neatest Souvenirs From Around the World

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You’ve probably been there before after you come home from a trip and someone asks, “What did you get me?” We all love a good souvenir. It instantly reminds us of the experiences we had while traveling. Here are some fun souvenir ideas from around the world.

1. Quaich From Scotland

quaich scottish souvenir

Image Credit: Fotokon/shutterstock.

A quaich is a Scottish drinking cup with two handles. Today you can find these cups made of pewter or silver, although traditional quaich is wooden. Any fans of Braveheart (1995) will love this souvenir from the Scottish Highlands.

2. Australia’s Akubra Hat

akubra hat

Image Credit: Christopher Meder/shutterstock.

For over 100 years, Aussies and tourists alike favor these fur-felt hats. Designed with a wide brim and durable felt, an Akubra Hat will give you that classic Aussie look.

3. Swiss Army Knife From Switzerland

Image Credit: Steve_Allen/Depositphotos.com.

Although this might be a little obvious, this pocket knife does more than open canned goods or file your nails. Customize your Swiss Army Knife to fit your needs (for travel, camping, or cutlery), or pick up a traditional knife.

4. Cashmere Scarf From India

cashmere scarf

Image Credit: New Africa/shutterstock.

You can’t go wrong with a cashmere scarf. These scarves are timeless and go with everything in your closet. The scarf also softens the more you wash it.

5. Marionberry Jam From Oregon, USA

marionberry jam

Image Credit: Joshua Rainey Photography/shutterstock.

The marionberry is no ordinary berry. One traveler said, “Marionberries are found only in Oregon as they are a hybrid of blackberries first cultivated at Oregon State University.”

6. Lovespoons From Wales

welsh love spoons

Image Credit: Nacho Mena/shutterstock.

The story has it that shepherds carved these spoons while out with their herds and gave them to loved ones when they returned home. These spoons are now decorative and often presented as gifts.

7. New Zealand’s Pounamu Stone


Image Credit: CreativeFireStock/shutterstock.

The pounamu stone resembles green jade and is treasured by the native Māori people of New Zealand. You’ll find these stones carved into pendants for jewelry, representing strength and harmony.

8. Handmade Fan From Spain

flamenco fans spain

Image Credit: BigDane/shutterstock.

Fans of flamenco dancing will appreciate the craftsmanship of a handmade fan. These fans are both functional and decorative, embroidered with beautiful designs.

9. Kokeshi Dolls From Japan

kokeshi dolls

Image Credit: Antonello Marangi/shutterstock.

In Japan, children are gifted kokeshi dolls as toys to play with. Each kokeshi doll is carved out of wood and painted to resemble children in traditional Japanese attire.

10. Bangladesh’s Nakshi Kantha Quilts

nakshi kantha quilts

Image Credit: Sk Hasan Ali/shutterstock.

A nakshi kantha is a type of embroidered quilt that specifically represents the region of Bangladesh. You can find a variety of designs—landscapes, flowers, and animals.

11. Malaysia’s Tiffin

metal tiffin boxes

Image Credit: Apple_Mac/shutterstock.

A tiffin is a stackable lunchbox or food container with many containers that fit on top of each other. Tiffin’s may be painted with designs around the edges of the container and are made of steel, making them durable.

12. Khukuri From Nepal

nepalese khukuri knives

Image Credit: Armagan/shutterstock.

A khukuri is a short sword with a curved blade. Soldiers used khukuri during the Nepal War in the 1800s—many still use this today as a cutting tool.

13. Cowichan Sweater From British Columbia, Canada

cowichan sweater

Image Credit: TheCreativeBrigade/shutterstock.

Cowichan knitting is the traditional style of knitting of the Cowichan people. These sweaters are heavy-knit and made of wool to keep you warm and cozy during winter months.

14. Mexico’s Black Clay Pottery

oaxaca black clay pottery

Image Credit: LorenaEscamilla/shutterstock.

“Barro negro” means black clay, and it’s a style of pottery specifically from Oaxaca, Mexico. Its black color is unique to the region, and finished pottery comes in many designs with a smooth sheen.

15. Handmade Umbrella From Croatia

sestine umbrella croatia

Image Credit: Jelena990/shutterstock.

The Šestine umbrella is a classic souvenir from Croatia. Its bright red color and striped pattern make this quintessentially Croatian.

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