10 European Countries That Are Perfect for Americans Traveling on a Budget

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Spending an extended vacation in Europe is many Americans’ idea of a perfect adventure. However, not all European countries are created equally — especially when accommodating people who want to visit while on a budget! Recently, like-minded travelers met in an online discussion to reveal which European countries cater to the budget-conscious American visitor.

1. Italy


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If you want to travel on a budget, Italy is the place to visit — as long as you stay away from the major cities. Instead of spending time in Rome or Naples, consider Sicily. There are plenty of sleepy, under-the-radar villages where you can stretch a dollar a long way. Delicious yet inexpensive Italian food and wine are available — you must travel to Sicily!

2. Romania

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Countless people rave about Romania’s low cost of living, making it an ideal country for any frugal traveler to visit. “Romania wins hands down!” confesses one woman. “It’s cheap, clean, and folks are so friendly. Not to mention they have the best croissants and lattes!”

3. Croatia

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Croatia is a haven for anyone looking to save a dollar or two while on a European adventure, from the beaches to the food scene to arguably the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. To maximize your frugality, avoid touristy cities like Dubrovnik and stick to smaller towns where you can stretch your dollar. I’ve been to Croatia and would visit again in a heartbeat.

4. Montenegro

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Croatia’s neighbor to the east has been slowly building up a reputation among frugal travelers in recent years. “I would recommend Montenegro. It is a beautiful hidden gem,” explains one woman. “People are super nice. Nightlife is fun in big cities but still has many places to appreciate nature. The best part is that it’s cheap.”

5. Turkey

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There is plenty of inexpensive food, drinks, and lodging available in Turkey, making this Middle Eastern country one of the most economical choices for Americans needing to travel frugally.

However, Turkey’s track record regarding tourist safety could be better. It’s not the safest country to visit now, making it a questionable place to stay, despite the relatively low financial cost you would incur.

6. The Czech Republic

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Many travelers confess that the Czech Republic offers the most bang for your buck for Americans on a budget. Not only are cities like Prague gorgeous and American-friendly, but four-star hotel stays can be found for about $50 per night!

7. Slovenia

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Sometimes you have to take the word of someone who’s already lived the dream because I would never guess Slovenia would make for a great vacation. “Slovenia is absolutely gorgeous and cheap,” reports one man. “It’s very chill and a scenic holiday destination with lots of outdoor activities available.”

8. Spain

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While the average traveler may not immediately think of Spain as a place to visit on a budget, the country is one of the most affordable in Europe.

The visitor-friendly culture and simple way of life in most of Spain’s cities ensure that any visiting American can experience all the country has to offer — without breaking the bank. But, of course, if you fall in love with Spanish tapas, your bank account will quickly run dry – hey, it happens to the best of us.

9. Portugal

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Not only is Portugal a perfect place for Americans to travel while not shelling out an arm and a leg, but the cities like Lisbon are also effortlessly hip. “Lisbon has a cool vibe, unlike any European city I’ve visited,” reveals one digital nomad. “When I listen to those electronic lounge music playlists, visiting Lisbon’s cafes and bars was just what I envisioned when listening to that music, more so than any other European city.”

10. Slovakia

View of Castle Orawsky in Slovakia

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If hotels and hostels that cost under $10 interest you, Slovakia could be where you travel next! Every American who has visited recently has nothing but positive things to say about the country’s beautiful landscapes and friendly people. While it’s an underrated destination in 2023, it may become the next trendy place to visit.

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