12 Cities Gen X and Boomer Travelers Say They Won’t Return To

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No one goes to a place expecting to be disappointed, and yet plenty of destinations can leave a not-so-pleasant mark on travelers. From scorching weather to chaotic crowds, initial encounters can be enough to relinquish a second chance. Here are 12 U.S. cities Gen X and boomer travelers say they won’t be returning to, as shared by a dismayed online forum.

1. New Orleans: Too Tip-Hungry

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One traveler vows he’ll never return to New Orleans. The main reason? “Everyone is trying to hit you up for a dollar everywhere you turn.” This can somewhat be expected with most tourist places, but constant haggling certainly gets annoying.

This mainly happens on Bourbon St., while the rest of the NOLA isn’t as relentless. We love NOLA.

2. Nashville: Too Many Bachelorettes

Nashville, Tennessee

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One unhappy tourist complains about Nashville, stating that the food is over-salted and the drinks are too watered down. There are too many drunk bachelorettes around. Sounds like it left an awful impression, indeed.

We aren’t knocking Nashville — it can be a pretty fun place if you like bar hopping and music.

3. Salt Lake City: Where Boredom Rules

Salt Lake City skyline Utah at night

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Salt Lake City, Utah, is a serene and calm city. But let’s be honest, serenity can sometimes breed boredom, and that’s precisely why some folks despise this city. You can’t deny that Salt Lake City has its charm and stunning mountain backdrops.

However, for those seeking excitement and vibrant nightlife, this city might leave them craving more. The laid-back atmosphere and conservative culture do not align with the adventurous spirit of some travelers.

4. Pitt Town: A Forgotten Patch Of Mundanity

Sydney, Australia - December 23, 2010: Shoppers pass through an arcade near Pitt Street Mall which is a major shopping precinct in the Sydney CBD.

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Pitt Town, Australia, holds a special place in the hearts of its residents; well, tell that to Gen X and boomer travelers. To some, this sleepy town seems frozen in time, with little to offer regarding entertainment or attractions.

The lack of amenities, cultural events, and dining options can leave some travelers yearning for excitement. The quiet streets might be ideal for a peaceful retirement. Still, folks want a city that can offer a memorable travel experience.

5. Knob Lick: A Quirky Name And Little Else

Knob Lick, Missouri

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The allure of a quirky name! Knob Lick, Missouri, is one place that grabs the attention of young travelers. However, beyond its amusing name lies a town that fails to impress many older visitors.

With a population barely scratching the surface of a hundred, Knob Lick is a minuscule dot on the map. It lacks the amenities and attractions necessary to captivate seasoned travelers.

The absence of outstanding landmarks or engaging activities can quickly turn visitors away from this city.

6. Atlanta: Traffic Jams And Urban Chaos

Atlanta, Georgia, USA – July 26, 2015: Evening panoramic aerial view of Atlanta skyline with a mobile sculpture of the SkyLounge rooftop terrace of the Glenn Hotel

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Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia, a city known for its bustling energy and vibrant culture. However, there is one thing we can agree on; some folks don’t like chaotic cities.

The notorious traffic jams that plague Atlanta’s highways can transform a simple commute into a never-ending ordeal.

7. Charleston: Sweltering Summers And Crowded Charm

Girl taking photos with her phone in beautiful blooming garden. Young woman using her phone in the park, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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Visitors of all ages have long adored this charming coastal gem of the South. However, for some older individuals, this beloved city’s drawbacks overshadow its undeniable allure.

The scorching summer heat and humidity can be unforgiving. Additionally, Charleston’s growing popularity has led to overcrowding in its historical districts and tourist hotspots. Hence, some older visitors vow never to brave the sweltering summers and bustling crowds of Charleston, South Carolina, again.

8. Houston: The Hottest Nightmare

Skyline of Houston, Texas

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Aside from the NASA Space Center, Houston, Texas, is one place some folks dread. Do you want to know why? Houston’s hot summers will make you feel you’re walking on the sun’s surface.

Also, the humidity is relentless; you would need a portable swimming pool wherever you go. So unless you’re a fan of sweating buckets and feeling trapped in a sauna, Houston might not be your cup of tea.

9. Phoenix: Where The Sun Goes To Tan

Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, USA Skyline

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Imagine a never-ending sea of cacti and a sun that shines with the intensity of a thousand fireballs. That’s Phoenix for you. This city in Arizona might attract snowbirds and sun-seeking tourists, but for some folks, it’s a place they want to avoid setting foot in again.

The scorching heat is unbearable, and don’t even get me started on the summer temperatures that can soar well above 100 degrees.

If you enjoy the feeling of your skin sizzling and the risk of spontaneously combusting, Phoenix might be your paradise. But it’s a definite no-go for those who prefer a more temperate climate.

10. Las Vegas: The Never-Ending Party

traveler joyfully pointing to the famous city sign in Las Vegas. young girl tourist having las vegas travel in summer vacation. Happy Asian girl feeling good showing the landmark in US.

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they say. But for some travelers who have experienced this infamous city’s wild nights and flashing lights, what happens in Vegas haunts them forever.

Las Vegas might be a gambler’s dream and a partygoer’s haven. This means it’s a nightmare for those seeking peace and a good night’s sleep. There is always a constant din of slot machines and flashing neon lights that never dim.

Let’s not forget the endless crowd. So if you’re not ready to join a never-ending party, don’t make Las Vegas your destination.

11. Port-au-Prince: Chaos In The Caribbean

PORT-AU-PRINCE - AUGUST 28: An Ariel view of a part of Downtown Port-A-u-Prince on August 28, 2010 inPort-Au-Prince, Haiti

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

This great capital of Haiti has a rich history and vibrant culture. As with most capitals, you’ll find crowded streets, motorcycles, street vendors at every turn, and the chaotic symphony of car horns.

Trust me, Port-au-Prince can be overwhelming. The lack of proper infrastructure and the remnants of past natural disasters make it a challenging city to navigate and enjoy. The resilience and spirit of the Haitian people are admirable. However, the city’s chaotic atmosphere can quickly exhaust travelers seeking a more relaxed and peaceful getaway.

12. Miami: The Sunshine State’s Wild Child


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Miami, Florida, is a glamorous city of beaches, architecture, and never-ending nightlife. However, the constant hustle and bustle and never-ending traffic flow can make even the most energetic retiree long for a quiet porch and a rocking chair. The eternal traffic jam is just too much for many to embrace.

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