Wander Wisely: 14 Countries To Avoid as a Solo Female Traveler

Selfie girl in Paris, France. Young tourist woman taking self portrait with Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Your gender shouldn’t dissuade you from traveling, but it is no secret that solo female travelers face unique challenges. Most often, it’s by men not respecting their boundaries.

Recently, women met in an online forum to discuss which countries to avoid due to a higher risk of dangerous encounters. You may be surprised by some of the choices, but the commentators speak from personal experience and deserve to have their perspectives heard.

1. France

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Paris may be renowned as the “city of love” to most, but one female traveler visiting with a friend reports countless unpleasant encounters with men around the city. This ranged from the areas surrounding famous landmarks to the underground metro. Granted, outside the capital may be safer, but one too many incidents gave this traveler a sour note.

2. Honduras

Roatan Island, Honduras

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Honduras is another country where solo female travelers should be wary, particularly on the mainland, which holds a risky reputation even among locals. The Bay Islands are generally more tourist-friendly, but even there, women describe uncomfortable interactions with overly persistent men. 

3. Turkey

Beautiful woman cruises in ferry with view Galata bridge,Suleymaniye Mosque and Eminonu Town in Istanbul,Turkey

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Like many Middle Eastern countries, Turkey is behind the times regarding women’s rights. In fact, Turkish men are known to invade foreign travelers’ personal space – making visits to Turkey full of uncomfortable interactions for any female solo traveler.

4. Morocco

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

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Women should avoid Morocco, especially if they lack experience navigating through extremely oppressive cultures. “I did Morocco on my own as a woman,” reveals one lady. “It’s exhausting fending off financial scams and harassment all day long. But probably some of the best shopping, food, and architecture I’ve ever seen. You can do it if you are a savvy traveler with lots of foreign country experience, but it was not a relaxing travel experience for me.”

5. Guatemala

guatemala city

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Crime against women is rising in certain Central American nations, especially in Guatemala. Despite the region’s breathtaking beauty, it is home to a record-high number of assaults against foreign female travelers. Like many countries on this list, it’s best to travel in a group instead of solo.

6. Jamaica


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Despite being a tourist destination for many Americans and Canadians, Jamaica is behind the times regarding equal rights. Countless women report that, outside of high-end Jamaican resorts, they were constantly harassed by residents when visiting.

7. United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates

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Testimonials from women who experienced harassment are essential reminders of which nations to avoid traveling to. “Went to the UAE with a group of girls to visit a friend’s family over New Year’s Eve,” explains one lady. “We went to the Berj to watch fireworks and had to keep physically moving away from a couple of men trying to touch us inappropriately. On the walk back to the hotel, two separate men try to follow us.”

8. Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza

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Solo female travelers are near-unanimous with their assessment of Egypt: from constant scams to continuous harassment from men, it’s a country best avoided. Ladies, listen up: I don’t think subjecting yourself to potentially dangerous harassment is worth seeing the Great Pyramids, do you?

9. Italy

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The inclusion of Italy on this list may seem surprising – until you hear what one woman says about the country. “It was one of the scariest times of my life, honestly,” she reports. “I assume the hate is due to the influx of African migrants, but it was one of the first times I felt my skin color spoke for me. I researched and found many black bloggers cautioning about traveling to Italy. Disappointing.” 

10. Afghanistan

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Many women advise avoiding Afghanistan at all costs — and for a good reason. Between being stalked by strange men to constantly having their photos taken by strangers, it’s an environment that solo travelers should avoid! That doesn’t sound like a recipe for an unforgettable adventure.

11. India

Zojila Pass, India

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Over the years, India has developed a reputation for being a country that doesn’t have females’ best interests at heart. “During my stay there, even though my husband was with me, I felt incredibly unsafe,” confesses one woman. “And I’ve been all over the world — I’m not one to throw that word around lightly.”

12. South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

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It’s not just rising crime rates against women that are concerning in South Africa  — all crime is rising. From petty infractions like pickpocketing to more serious crimes like burglary and assault, South Africa has a significant safety issue. It’s best for everyone, not just female solo travelers, to avoid visiting anytime soon.

13. Tunisia

sousse tunisia

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Multiple travelers admit they made a mistake by traveling to Tunisia, as they felt generally unsafe everywhere they went. “I went as a 20-something to Tunisia,” recalls one woman. “It was the first place I had been frightened for my safety. I was constantly grabbed in the street and harassed the whole time.”

14. Russia

Saint-Petersburg. Russia. Panorama of St. Petersburg at the summer sunset. Cathedral of the Savior on blood. Cathedral of the Resurrection. Petersburg architecture. Petersburg museums. Russian cities.

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With U.S.-Russian relations at historic lows, female travelers should think twice before visiting Russia. Many females report that Russian authorities will use any excuse to detain Americans, which is a good enough reason as any to avoid traveling there. Why risk being thrown in jail without any justification?

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