12 Chilling True Stories About Hiking and Camping in the Wild

Young female tourist is in mountain forest feeling scared and shocked, talking on the phone, closing her mouth with a hand. Girl traveler lost in the woods feeling afraid, calling on the phone.

Are there any campers or hikers out there with an awful firsthand experience? You’re not alone. These 12 chilling true stories in the wild are full of hazards. But don’t let them stop you from doing what you love. Instead, let it be a reminder to take the right precautions so that your next outdoor adventure goes more smoothly.

1. Into The Hornet’s Nest

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Image Credit: lmdesert/Depositphotos.com.

One adventurer camping in the jungles of Borneo recounts walking right into a hornet’s nest. Fortunately, the number of stings was limited, but one particular prick left a nasty permanent scar.

2. Ant-Filled Hammock

Hiker with backpack is resting , enjoying landscape in the autumn mountains. On the background panorama of the mountains.

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Another forest trekker accidentally tied their hammock to an ant tree. They admit it was a rookie error that led to a very unfortunate night’s sleep.

3. Spider-Filled Night in California’s Redwood Forest

Magical Redwoods National Park, California

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One outdoor enthusiast shared an experience about spending the night in the redwood forest in Northern California and encountering many long-legged black spiders. The spiders were lining the perimeter of their blanket during the middle of the night, and they were freaked out.

Thinking that the spiders were waiting for prey, the camper curled up tightly under the blankets and went back to sleep, only to find them gone when they woke up.

4. Green Ant Attack During Outback Fishing Trip

Image Credit: vadishzainer@gmail.com/Depositphotos.com.

Have you ever heard of green ants?

Someone recounted a frightening experience while fishing in Australia’s Northern Territory Outback. They had slept in the back of a Ute car on a blanket under a tree that turned out to be inhabited by green ants.

The ants attacked them during the night! Ouch.

5. First-Time Camper in Sleeping Giant Canada

Image Credit: Rawpixel/Depositphotos.com.

Another person talked about their first-night camping in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in Canada. The new-to-camping adventurer expressed anxiety about the unfamiliar sounds of the forest at night and their fear of things lurking in the dark.

This is common for people new to sleeping outdoors.

Hearing some rustling outside their tent, the adventurer prepared for the worst – but was relieved to find out it was just a clumsy elk that had trampled down the slope.

6. Nightmare in Grand Teton National Park

Grand Tetons

Image Credit: kwiktor/Depositphotos.com.

A backpacking trip in Grand Teton National Park became a nightmare for one traveler when they were combated with continuous rain and sleet.

Despite their best efforts, all their gear got soaked. Finally, the person wrapped themselves in an emergency foil blanket inside their sleeping bag to stay warm (smart move).

The misery made them quit the trip, and on their way back to civilization, they were in disbelief at everyone they met further down the trail who claimed they had the perfect weather.

Weather in the mountains can change in an instant. So always be prepared and pack the proper hiking layers.

7. Challenges on a 50-Mile Hike on the Appalachian Trail

Image Credit: KostyaKlimenko/Depositphotos.com.

Remember precautionary meds!

One hiker mentioned hiking 50 miles along the Appalachian Trail with friends after graduating high school. They took four days and walked 12 miles each day.

Unfortunately, they woke up with terrible stomach aches on the last day and still hiked 12 miles before lunch. To add insult to injury, three of the four hikers were covered in ticks, and the fourth unknowingly got Lyme disease from a tick bite.

Always wear protective clothing and bug spray when hiking in tick country.

8. Groin Injury and Mosquitoes

Image Credit: encierro/Depositphotos.com.

A couple went backpacking and accidentally carried too much weight. They elaborated that one pulled a groin muscle, so they had to leave their packs under trees and hobble back four miles to the car.

Struggling to figure out their location and slightly lost, mosquitoes violently swarmed them.

Later, they found a nearby road and could flag down help.

Always bring bug spray on backpacking trips. You never know, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, know how to orient yourselves with a map and compass.

9. Childhood Backpacking Trip in the Smokies

Image Credit: doble.dphoto/Depositphotos.com.

Another maybe not-adventure-lover shared their childhood experience about a week-long backpacking trip through the Smokies with their family. The trip was mostly fine, but there were giant millipedes everywhere.

The worst part of the trip was when the person felt a bee crawling on their leg before bed and got stung.

Talk about a family camping trip you’ll never forget.

10. Philmont Backpacking Trip: Blister Emergency

Image Credit: LanaStock/Depositphotos.com.

An individual recalls a backpacking trip to Philmont where a crew member had a humungous blister on his foot that almost went from one side to the other.


Luckily, they were on their way to base camp, and the crew member was sent to the medical lodge for help.

11. Losing a Kid

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Imagine being in charge of a group of children and losing a kid!

Yes, according to one youth pastor online, this happened.

The youth pastor confessed they found the child but expressed, “I don’t think anything will compare to the fear of losing someone else’s child.”

12. Skinny Dipping Encounter with a Bull Moose

Image Credit: varuna/Depositphotos.com.

Finally, many users shared frightening encounters with moose, but one person talked about an encounter with a bull moose while skinny dipping in a remote area. They managed to escape safely.

Talk about a close encounter.

Stay Safe Out There


Image Credit: AlexLipa/Depositphotos.com.

There’s no denying that nature can be both beautiful and treacherous. So whether you’re a seasoned explorer or an eager beginner, careful precaution and preparation are key when embarking on your next wild adventure.

Stay safe and keep an eye on your surroundings.

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