15 Ridiculous Urban Myths from the Yesteryears People Believed Before the Web

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Are there any urban legends you remain convinced about? Before the introduction of the world wide web, there were plenty of unbelievable myths society believed in. Without further ado, let’s take a stroll through the yesteryears. These are 15 urban myths people swore by long before the Internet took over.

1. The Gangs Are Coming

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Did you ever hear the rumor that if you flashed your lights at a car with no headlights on, “the gangs” would come for you? One person even shares that this was faxed to their office in the 1990s. Maybe it was true?

2. One Night Stand

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Another urban legend talks about a guy who meets a girl at a bar. Long story short, they go home together then he finds a note on his mirror saying, “Welcome to the world of AIDS,” the next morning.

Many commented that they had heard the same tale in their youth. One user from the Philippines even knew the story, only their version took place in a movie theater. 

Terrible — this topic is not a joke!

3. We Only Use 10% of Our Brains

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This is simply not true. The brain is highly complex. However, 65% of Americans believe this urban legend to be factual.

4. Elvis Faked His Death

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Elvis was so beloved for his day and age that many could not comprehend the loss. So, the legend that he faked his death was born. What do you believe?

5. The Bermuda Triangle

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“I was terrified of the Bermuda Triangle as a kid. I decided that I would never set foot in Florida because of that” shares an honest contributor. There are a lot of TV shows and unsolved mysteries on this topic.

6. Frozen Walt Disney

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A popular urban legend states that Walt Disney underwent cryogenic freezing somewhere in a crypt, waiting for the day he could reemerge and continue to work on his wonderland. While Walt Disney’s cremation certificate discredits this rumor, many still think he’s frozen.

The latest part of this legend is that Disney made the movie Frozen so that if you Googled “Disney Frozen,” it would no longer take you to information about the cryogenic freezing stories.

7. Bloody Mary

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Each Bloody Mary legend has different rules. Some say you need to turn the lights off and chant her name, while others say you must flush the toilet and wait for her to come out. Either way, this tale has been haunting children, and some adults, throughout their lives. According to the folktale, Bloody Mary arises to predict the future.

8. Pop Rocks and Coke

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Did you avoid pop rocks and coke for fear that you would explode? I remember my friend downing a Coke bottle and shoving pop rocks in her mouth while I prepared for her impending doom. She got a little dizzy and had a sugar rush.

9. Seagulls and Alka Seltzer

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Similar to the pop rocks and coke myth, the seagulls and Alka Seltzer folktale emerged. The belief that seagulls would explode if they consumed Alka seltzer followed the idea that seagulls could not pass gas. So, the Alka Seltzer would build up gas until the bird erupted. Spoiler alert, it is not true.

10. Cab Light

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A few commenters say their parents informed them that keeping the inside dome light on at night would result in legal action. Once they grew up and got their own cars, they realized they wouldn’t get arrested for keeping the light on.

11. Watermelon Seeds

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One person shares a childhood favorite that now seems bizarre. When they were little, adults told them they would grow watermelon inside their stomachs if they swallowed the seeds.

Haha, this makes me laugh reading as an adult.

12. Blue Dye in Pools

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To prevent kids from peeing in pools, an urban legend says if you pee in the pool, a blue dye will follow you, and you will face humiliation. Too bad this wasn’t true.

13. Chevy Nova

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“My first-year Spanish teacher (1980-81) told us as an absolute fact that Chevrolet had to change the name of the Nova in Latin America because “no va” means “don’t go.” That was the one urban legend that I was most disappointed to find out wasn’t true,” a respondent shares. Also “no va” means “nothing goes.”

14. Kangaroo Meat at Burger King

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“Burger King was mixing kangaroo meat into their hamburgers. Think it started when it got out they were buying beef from Australia. My brother still calls them kangaburgers,” one contributor shares. 

People are hilarious. Mmmm.. Burger King.

15. Quicksand

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Finally, several users admit they were terrified of sinking in quicksand thanks to movies and books detailing horror stories. It’s not as big of a problem as television and films led us to believe, but be careful when hiking near it.

Do you have any crazy urban legends to add to this list?

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