14 Urban Legends That Will Frighten You Forever and Keep You Up All Night

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Are there any urban legends you simply can’t get past? Perhaps you first heard it from friends in school, or elders told you stories of myths and folklore. Rationally, you know you are safe. But there is still a part of you that fears the tale.

If you wish to give yourself a good old frightening, read on for 14 haunting urban legends as recalled by an online forum. Alternatively, do you have any to share?

1. The Hook

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Our first urban legend is a classic involving a crazed dude with a hook instead of one hand. Said character goes around ambushing couples making out in their cars. In typical horror movie style, the couple hears there is a serial killer on the loose on the radio right before getting “hooked” to death.

2. Naale Baa

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This next freaky tale takes us to India. The legend of Naale Baa consists of a malicious spirit dressed as a bride. She tricks victims into letting her into their homes, where she then finishes them off. Supposedly, the only way to protect yourself is by writing her name down on your door.

3. The Child-Eating Bird

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In Mexican folklore, there is a giant bird monster that eats children who misbehave. It’s an urban legend to make children behave. One person shares their experience wearing a cardinal mascot costume during a high school football game. They ended up taking the costume back home.

Coincidentally, their aunt and little cousin were staying over. When the cousin was being mischievous, the aunt told them to wear the costume to teach the youngling a lesson. Needless to say, the little cousin was terrified to the core. But hey, at least she behaved afterward.

4. Strzyga

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Have you heard of the urban legend of Strzyga? It is a creature that lives on the edge of the woods or fields with tall grass and preys on the hearts of those who wander at night. It is notorious for making its way to eat the human heart, starting from the face.

5. The Old Red Eye

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One person shares the local legend of a human-like creature with one big red eye. It was known to live in the nearby woods and, like most monsters, would only come out at night. Although there was no story of it attacking anyone, the possibility alone was frightening enough for children.

6. The Watchful People

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Next up is a legend that is my favorite due to its spine-tickling yet subtle eerieness. Some people live in your dreams. Here’s the scary bit: You don’t know who is one of “the people” in the dream, but legend has it they are always watching. As one person emphasizes, they always watch and wait for you to realize you are dreaming.

7. Killer Clowns

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Clowns are a common fear among people. One user recalls being told about “Killer Clowns” at the age of eight. The clowns were known to drive about the neighborhood in a worn-down Ford Transit, searching for kids to torture. Unfortunately, the torture methods were meticulously crafted to mutilate one’s face. No wonder clowns have a bad rap.

8. Skinwalkers

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Several commenters mention being creeped out by skinwalkers. It is believed that these creatures hold the ability to shapeshift. But the worst part is that they can stare into your eyes and manipulate your actions. The monsters can easily take you out.

9. A Bad Drive

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This one may not be a conventional urban legend, but it still won’t fail to send a shiver down your spine. Imagine someone hiding underneath your car or bed and hindering you by attacking the achilles tendon.

Though it may be fiction, the thought of it happening is bound to cross the mind every time one gets in their car. Immediately, forum members were reminded of the terrifying scene in the movie Pet Sematary.

10. Teketeke

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The Japanese tale of Teketeke leaves an imprint. People at school badly bullied Teketeke. Once, she was beaten up on train tracks on her way home. Not long after the bullies escaped, a train approached. Unfortunately, Teketeke couldn’t get out of its way in time. As a result, she lost her limbs, and legend has it she is searching for her lost legs to this day.

11. Näkki

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A user shares a Finnish urban legend about Näkki. Näkki is a water monster who can grab children’s feet and pull them in if they go too deep. Now, that’s one way to prevent kids from drowning. Or keep them from ever entering a body of water ever again!

12. El Chupacabra


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El Chupacabra translates to “the goat-sucker” based on the creature’s tendency to drain its victims’ blood. Stemming from North America and Latin America, the chupacabra comes from the Spanish words for “to suck” (chupar) and “goat” (cabra) after its preferred cuisine. People are terrified of the beast.

13. The GPS Demons

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This urban legend is bound to scare away any lost travelers. One explains that in their father’s home country, there’s a story that certain demons can take human form but can’t change their hooves.

They give incorrect directions to lost travelers that will take them off a cliff or get more lost. Yikes. Next time you ask someone for directions, make sure to double-check their feet.

14. Bloody Mary


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Growing up, kids in school were constantly talking about “Bloody Mary.” The myth goes that if you chant her name in the mirror, she will appear. Totally terrifying as a middle school kid!

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