Sleep With One Eye Open: 12 Hair-Raising Podcasts for Brave Listeners

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Tired of the sound of rainfall and all your other classic put-me-to-sleep podcasts? Give bedtime an exciting new twist with these 12 hair-raising podcasts. Let your imagination run wild with supernatural wonderings before you hit the sack.

A word of caution – the following are reserved for brave listeners.

1. The Magnus Archives

“Make your statement, face your fear,” reads the tagline for this weekly horror fiction podcast. The Magnus Archives focuses on the archives of the Magnus Institute, an establishment strictly dedicated to researching the weird and eerie.

Join Jonathan Sims, new head archivist, as he explores the creepy records of the organization. Stick around for all the sinister possibilities that lurk beneath.

2. The No Sleep Podcast

This menacing podcast series offers its own warning: “It is intended for mature adults, not the faint of heart.” The No Sleep Podcast promises to frighten, featuring atmospheric sound effects to really bring stories to life. After listening to this award-winning anthology with its original tales of horror, you may not dare to close your eyes.

3. Welcome to Night Vale

The Welcome to Night Vale podcast provides bi-monthly updates on the happenings of a minor, eerie desert town where every wild conspiracy theory is, in fact, true.

The show is presented as a fictional radio broadcast, creating a uniquely creepy and unsettling atmosphere that keeps listeners on edge during each episode.

4. The Wrong Station

The Wrong Station is a horror-anthology podcast featuring a collection of eerie, spine-tingling stories written by Anthony Botelho and Alexander Saxton.

Each episode takes the listener on a journey into the macabre and disturbing, with a range of unsettling tales designed to leave you feeling uneasy long after the episode. From stories of demonic possession to haunted houses and otherworldly creatures, The Wrong Station will surely give you chills.

5. We’re Not Meant to Know

We’re Not Meant to Know is another horror-anthology podcast exploring the dark and mysterious side of human existence. It delves into themes and topics that are taboo or beyond our understanding – leaving listeners feeling spooked and unnerved.

6. Unexplained

Unexplained is a bi-weekly podcast that delves into strange and mysterious events which defy logical explanations. It explores the realm between reality and the unexplained. Its eerie storytelling and in-depth research make it the perfect listen for those who love exploring the mysteries of the unknown.

7. Knifepoint Horror

Knifepoint Horror, written, produced, and narrated by Soren Narnia, offers tales of supernatural suspense that are not for the faint of heart.

The minimalist production values and lack of a soundtrack make the stories even more unsettling. In addition, the slow-burn pacing and chilling climaxes will leave listeners with a sense of dread long after the episodes end.

8. Dark Histories

The Dark Histories podcast delves into some of history’s most bizarre and chilling moments, uncovering the deepest and darkest mysteries that have left people bewildered.

With each episode, listeners journey into the unknown, exploring some of history’s strangest and most unsettling events.

9. Beyond Creepy on YouTube

Beyond Creepy is a YouTube channel focusing on bizarre paranormal stories that will creep you out. The channel covers various topics, from encounters with cryptids and aliens to strange and unexplained occurrences.

Stories are told in a way that will have you on the edge of your seat, making it the perfect podcast for those looking for a scare.

10. I Am In Eskew

I Am In Eskew is about a man trapped in Eskew’s creepy and impossible city, documenting his harrowing experiences and attempting to connect with the outside world. The sense of isolation and dread evoked by the protagonist’s recordings creates an unsettling atmosphere that keeps listeners hanging on for more.

11. The Sandman Podcast

The Sandman podcast is a dark fantasy-horror audio drama that follows the protagonist, Nathan, as he discovers a mysterious and dangerous book that opens the door to a world of nightmares and supernatural creatures – ultimately leading him to confront his demons. The eerie sounds and haunting background music create a chilling atmosphere that keeps listeners on edge.

12. Mr. Ballen Podcast

Finally, the Mr. Ballen podcast entails a series of eerie, unsettling stories narrated by the titular Mr. Ballen himself. Hell tells tales of true crime, the paranormal, and bizarre events with a dark and often twisted sense of humor. His stories are based on real-life experiences that will keep you awake at night.

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