10 Incredibly Ridiculous Cryptid Explanations From Cryptid Enthusiasts

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Cryptids are interesting phenomena. While many are merely a case of mistaken identity, others still retain their mystery. Furthermore, while some people believe much of what is out there, others remain skeptical and try to find feasible explanations. A recent online post shares cryptid fans’ favorite such theories — or preferred silly ones.

1. Altamaha-ha River Monster

alligator gar

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Those who grew up in Georgia will know the legend of the Altamaha-ha Monster — also known as “Altie.” One poster thinks one explanation of the fearsome river beast is feasible. “The Altamaha-ha River monster is just an undiscovered type of river dolphin,” they say. However, other theories point to an alligator gar, the ferociously sharp-toothed fish native to the United States.

2. King Nessie

loch ness monster

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“That the Loch Ness Monster’s current incarnation is the result of the original 1930s King Kong movie,” reveals the following observer. “In King Kong, there’s a scene where the head of a long-necked dinosaur comes up out of the water and starts eating people.” Some say a couple saw the film three days before a Nessie “sighting” and decided the primeval serpent must have been what they saw.

3. Is BigFoot a Beaver?

wild beaver

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“Bigfoot is a beaver; they live in the lakes, not the woods,” one amused cryptid enthusiast declares. “That’s why we haven’t found any yet.” I’ve often marveled at how beavers can quickly fell a tree, but this is a stretch. “Agreed,” responds another joker, “Beavers aren’t real.”

4. The Jersey Devil Was a Hammer-Headed Bat

hammer headed bat

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The Jersey Devil is a folklorish creature, like a winged wyvern or bipedal marsupial. If anything, the hammer-headed bat comparison is weird, considering the bat originates in Africa. One reader says this is “completely ridiculous and ignores the historical context of the legend, as well as the diminutive size of the hammerhead bat.”

5. French Werewolves


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There is a story from Gévaudan in France in the 1700s, where up to 100 people lost their lives to a roaming beast of a canine nature — though “certainly no wolf or dog,” according to local reports. According to a thread member, one trait stands out.

“There were even reports of it laughing maniacally after it claimed a victim,” says one fan who feels an “escaped circus hyena” is a feasible theory. One can only imagine how terrified 18th-century Europeans without comprehension of hyenas felt hearing such a sound.

6. Maverick Mothman

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“If you need a more wild explanation,” advises a forum member, “Mothman was actually a man in an early wingsuit tested by the government at a local air force base.” This idea could be feasible for describing the ’60s phenomenon of the Mothman, a humanoid, winged creature spotted in West Virginia. Wing suits were first used in 1930, so it fits the narrative!

7. Thai Sea Serpents

oarfish beach

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According to one observer, ancient legends of a giant sea serpent in Thailand are “explained by the oarfish, a fish associated with showing up right before a major earthquake or tsunami.” Thai locals always considered them messengers for gods or even god-like creatures.

8. The Bigfoot Tribe

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“Bigfoot is a Native American tribe that went into hiding rather than face genocide,” shares one Bigfoot enthusiast. “They wear ghillie suits made out of animal skins and dried vegetation for camouflage when traveling to their secret camps and cavern cities.” Wherever this theory comes from, I must see the movie version.

9. Chupacabras

peruvian hairless dog chupacabra

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Chupacabras are fabled beasts allegedly spotted in Central America and the southwestern United States. Some cryptid explanations have a common theme; some mythical beasts are just a case of mistaken identity. “Chupacabras may have been the descendants of some thylacines that escaped shortly before sightings started,” offers another contributor.

10. Quantum Leaping Cryptids

atomic particle

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One brilliantly out-there claim in this thread believes cryptids may be from a parallel universe. “Cryptids are multidimensional beings and accidentally slip through to our dimension,” explains the theorist. “Sometimes there is bleed-through from one dimension to another, allowing beings to slip through, sometimes getting stuck.” Interesting to think about.

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