12 Seasoned Traveler Insights: How Do I Travel the World?

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While traveling the world can seem daunting and overwhelming for many novices, many people admit it’s one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives. To make the process more manageable, experienced travelers recently met in an online discussion to reveal their best tips for anyone looking to travel the world for the first time.

1. Do Your Research

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Like any big undertaking, it’s vital to do proper research when traversing the globe. From scoring the best deals on overseas flights to finding out the safest or most exciting places to visit, research is an essential part of traveling — but as you’ll see later in this list, sometimes too much research can be detrimental.

2. Take Baby Steps

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Before you embark on a great adventure, take stock of yourself: what kind of traveler do you think you are? Taking a shorter, more-focused trip might be better before traveling the world. “Discover if you even like it,” advises one man. “Determine if long-term travel could be a passion or if a month or two fits your personality and style better.”

3. Read Up on the Topic

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Many books have been written on traveling the world, and many people heavily advise reading up on the topic. Specifically citing books like Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, seasoned travelers reveal that utilizing literature goes a long way in preparing yourself for your travels. In addition, who says no to giving themselves another book to read?

4. Invest in a Great Backpack

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It’s essential to be prepared, and countless travelers recommend investing in a quality traveling backpack. “Get a good backpack — you will be living out of it,” explains one woman. “Seriously, it sounds silly, but the first time I set out to travel, I bought a 40-liter Osprey bag, and it blew my mind. There’s so much space. I’m still amazed every time I travel between cities. I can easily walk on and off trains and up and down stairs. I can’t imagine using a rolling suitcase or any other form of luggage.”

5. Consider Your Dietary Restrictions

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If dietary restrictions prevent you from enjoying all the food from your hometown, you’ll want to double-check which regions of the world you should avoid. After all, nothing can put a damper on an adventure than ill-timed food poisoning or an unexpected allergic reaction!

6. Try Europe First

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If the thought of traveling the world seems daunting, changing your scope’s size may improve your perception. “Try Europe first,” advises one traveler. “Most people speak some English. The food isn’t so different — and we have history. Try a week in London and then take a train to Scotland. Get the ferry to Belfast or Dublin. See if you like it and go from there. Some countries are not very popular but are worth it. Romania and Albania are wonderful.”

7. YouTube Is Your Friend

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While social media is filled with endless influencers and fame-mongers, there are plenty of informative videos on YouTube. To view a trip through someone else’s eyes, you can use their knowledge to give you a sense of what to expect wherever you journey to. Travel bloggers who take their trips seriously often make videos with vital information.

8. Research Other Cultures

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Don’t make the mistake of dropping into a country with zero sense of its traditions and culture — you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. “Understand the cultural norms, traditions, and customs of the place you are visiting,” reveals one woman. “Trust your gut, but do know that, by and large, people around the world have heart and soul. If you travel the world with walls up, you will miss out on opportunities to witness or do amazing things.”

9. Consider Not Planning at All

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Countless seasoned travelers laugh at the prospect of tedious planning before their trips. Aside from booking flights, many recommend traveling by the seat of your pants! According to many, the sense of adventure is heightened by embracing spontaneity.

10. Embrace Frugality

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Traveling the world isn’t cheap; as soon as you accept that, you’ll be more comfortable on your trip. Many travelers insist on embracing their frugal sides, as being more mindful of looking for value for your dollar can lead to a more enjoyable experience. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than realizing you’re out of money!

11. Decide Whether You’ll Be Working

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Money is an integral part of any trip, and the most intelligent strategy may be to work while you travel. Many countries are tailor-made for people looking to see the world and make a few dollars. “Are you interested in work-while-you-stay positions?” asks one traveler. “If you like Australia, we have heaps of these jobs at many beautiful places from rural to offshore islands. I recently got back home from living and working on Moreton Island here in Australia, and it’s lit a fire in me to travel the world,” a traveler shares.

12. Utilize Hostels

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Hostels have a reputation for being dark, dingy, and dirt cheap. In 2023, however, that isn’t necessarily the case. Many travelers report that the conditions of hostels have improved in recent years, making them an easy way to get a good night’s sleep while saving money and making a few new friends simultaneously.

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