If Bigfoot Is Real, Why Hasn’t He Been Found? Top 10 Insights

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Do you believe in Bigfoot? The legendary creature, or hairy man, has been a topic of fascination and debate for centuries. Some swear they’ve seen it, while others dismiss it as a hoax. But if Bigfoot is real, why hasn’t one been found yet? Or maybe one has and the government is keeping it from us. Either way, here are ten insights from people online who have pondered this question.

1. Interdimensional Traveler

Is Bigfoot a master of inter-dimensional travel? Several people online suggest the creature can teleport or slip in and out of our reality. If this is the case, it’s no wonder we have yet to catch him – he might just be playing hide-and-seek with us across multiple dimensions.

2. Hidden With Advanced Alien Technology

Another theory put forth by one viewers suggests that Bigfoot may not be of this world at all. The user suggests Bigfoot could be a survivor from a dying alien planet, brought to Earth by extraterrestrial beings to ensure their species’ survival.

Allegedly, they reside in a secret location hidden with advanced alien technology, and only the occasional sighting of Bigfoot occurs when one of them strays from their hidden refuge.

3. Good at Evading Humans

One person suggested Bigfoot may be an intelligent creature that evolved to avoid human beings actively. Unlike other animals, Bigfoot has learned to move into the most remote areas to avoid us and knows how to “vanish” despite its large size.

This ability to evade humans may explain why it has been challenging to capture conclusive evidence of its existence.

4. As Intelligent as Humans Are

Another online commenter shared an exciting piece of history from over 200 years ago in China, where people reported sightings of a large black and white furry beast in the bamboo forest for over 70 years. That beast later became known as the Panda bear.

The commenter believes that if the assumptions about Sasquatch’s intelligence and abilities are accurate, it is just as good as humans are at adapting and hiding in their environment. Therefore, it does not seek interaction with humans. After all, Panda’s stayed hidden for centuries.

5. Bears Are Mistaken as Bigfoot

Many agree that some of the reported Bigfoot sightings are bears standing up at night. However, they appear taller and more threatening in a bipedal stance, which can easily be mistaken for the elusive creature.

6. Utilize an Underground Network

Some have raised the possibility of Bigfoot utilizing an underground network of caves to travel long distances or avoid detection. As North America has a vast network of unexplored caves, Bigfoot could use them for traveling.

Moreover, cryptid fans thought if they are as intelligent as they are believed to be, they might have an oral history of the location and geography of the caverns and how to navigate them.

7. Supernatural Entity

Another person expressed their belief that Bigfoot may be a supernatural entity and that the ape-like form commonly reported may be a manifestation created by the human brain to make sense of what is being witnessed.

8. Live Behind the Veil

The idea that Bigfoot lives “behind the veil” is intriguing. A user stated that some hikers have reported being chased by an unseen entity that they could only hear. Others agreed they’ve either experienced or heard from people sharing similar experiences in the woods.

9. Endangered or Afraid to Be Seen

Someone believes Bigfoot may be endangered or afraid to be seen due to the harm it has seen inflicted on other native animals. The user thinks Bigfoot is an intelligent and evolved being with superior physical traits and instincts that allows them to survive in the wilderness.

They also suggest that those who have seen Bigfoot and treated them with kindness have received the same in return, indicating that the creatures can reciprocate kindness and are highly intelligent.

10. Bigfoot Maybe Hiding in Dense Forests

Finally, many users believe and point out that there are vast areas of wilderness that remain largely unexplored by humans.

Several people online stated that with dense forests people rarely venture into, it’s possible that something like Bigfoot could be living undetected in these areas. After all, if you want to avoid being found, it makes sense to hide in a place where people aren’t looking.

Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

The mystery of Bigfoot continues to captivate and intrigue people around the world. Whether it’s inter-dimensional, hiding in dense forests, or utilizing an underground network of caves, the elusive creature (or hairy man) remains a fascinating enigma that may never be fully understood.

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