Believe It or Not: 5 People Share Their Incredible Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot Crossing

Cryptozoology is known as a pseudoscience. While scientists identify new species using scientific methodology, cryptozoologists use folk tales and stories that surface regarding these alleged animals. According to mainstream researchers, Bigfoot or Sasquatch are said to be cryptids, animals that cryptozoologists believe might exist but do not yet have proof that they do exist. Others believe they are “hairy men” of the woods or interdimensional beings.

What Are Cryptids?

Cryptids are a big part of popular culture since these fanciful creatures fascinate many people. The exotic nature of man-like beasts like the Yeti, the winged Jersey Devil, and the vampiric chupacabras fires certain people’s imaginations.

Some of these tales have a basis in the legends of the Indigenous peoples of different countries. Petroglyphs painted by the Yokut tribe showed hairy humanoid figures that could have mutated into the Bigfoot legend. The Lenape believed in a creature called M’Sing, which might have become the Jersey Devil.

The Wild Man of the Woods

There is also the legend of the “Wild Man In The Woods” that has existed in Europe for centuries. At Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England, from the 12th Century, there are images of a wild man, woodwose, or woodwose, a word from Middle English. It has similarities to the classical mythology of Greece and Rome with their mythological figures of the satyr and the faun, and Silvanus, the Roman god of woodlands.

Have You Seen a Bigfoot?

Members of an inquisitive Internet forum responded when asked if they believed in Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or the Yowie and had ever encountered such a creature. There were quite a few answers to the affirmative.

What do you believe? Is Bigfoot real? Here are five of those stories.

I Saw a Sasquatch Camping in the Redwoods

David said he saw a Sasquatch camping in Humboldt Redwoods State Park when he was only four. He added that, at the time, he had no idea what Sasquatch was and thought he was observing an “ugly man.” The Sasquatch was covered with grey hair and grey skin and had a head shaped slightly different from an average human skull. It looked at him intently and curiously.

Hunting in Upstate New York

Lisa told the story of how her cousin, Ty, saw a Bigfoot in the rural area of Upstate New York. While out hunting and hiking, Ty had a terrible feeling that made him stop to look around for danger. He saw a huge man leaning against a tree and slowly realized that “the man” was covered with dark fur. Ty started running as fast as he could to escape, losing his hunting vest while trying to get away.

It Stood up on Two Legs

Anthony stated that he had seen Sasquatch twice, once with his brother in the woods. At first, he thought it was a wild pig, and after he and his brother approached the animal, it stood up on its hind legs. Horrified, the two brothers left, but neither remembered how they got home.

In particular, his brother seemed to have blocked out all memory of what happened because he was frightened so badly. His skeptical father became a believer after encountering the Sasquatch in the woods while walking a neighbor’s home.

Playing in the Woods

Michael said he was playing in the forest with his sister chasing him. He suddenly heard a twig snap, looked to the left, and saw something black that stood up. He was so terrified that Michael thought he had blacked out and didn’t remember anything until his sisters found him.

While they picked him up, they complained about an “awful smell” and thought he had soiled his trousers. He thinks his sisters’ arrival and their yells of surprise might have scared the Bigfoot away.

Peeking Through the Window

Joey saw a Bigfoot in the campground where he stayed with his extended family in 1979. He had caught a bad cold, and his mother thought it might be best to separate him from the rest of the family to keep the cold from spreading. His mother set up a bed in the back of the family station wagon for Joey. He noticed the ambient light nearby was gone while he curled up, trying to sleep.

When he looked through the window, a dirty grey and reddish brown creature stared at him. The Bigfoot was huge and muscular, and he watched in horror as it walked through the campground and approached his family’s tent. It seemed like an eternity to the child, but the muscular intruder left peacefully.

What do you think? Have you ever seen a Bigfoot?

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