Local Legends: Here Are 12 Cryptids You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

A dark, atmospheric concept of a huge bigfoot monster.

Cryptids are the subject of much controversy. By definition, they are shadow dwellers, creatures whose existence remains contested. Skeptics claim they are mere figments of our imagination. But there are plenty of adamant believers heeding caution to their tales.

Regardless of which side you pitch your tent on, this list of 12 local cryptids should pique your interest.

1. Beast of Busco

manitoulin island

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There is no shortage of lake monsters, with the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland being the most famous. But once upon a time, in 1949, reports of a lake beast in Churubosco, Indiana, took the nation by storm. Sightings of the Beast of Busco – also known as Oscar – led to a massive hunt to find the creature. Attempts included diving and even draining the lake.

Refreshingly, this turtle-like cryptid is still celebrated today, with the town commemorating Turtle Days every June with a parade and festival.

2. Pascagoula River Aliens

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These Mississippi-based creatures are said to be human-sized, with spiky ear protrusions and crab-like claws. Their skin is gray and wrinkly, with eyes that are somewhat hidden. Their only official sighting in 1973 is recorded as an abduction, whereby two men claim to have been kidnapped while fishing.

According to the victims, “They gave a thorough, I mean a thorough, examination to me just like any doctor would” before depositing the two men back to shore. Creepy! 

3. Jersey Devil

Image Credit: photocosma/Depositphotos.com.

Deep in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey are the pervasive whispers of a bat-winged cryptid fielding a horse’s head and trembling to sight. Over three generations of indigenous landowners have seen this “demon,” and folklore has it that this cryptid is destined to haunt the Pine Barrens for eternity.

4. Skunk Ape

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Ruling the abyss of swamps in Florida, the Skunk Ape, a creature of lore, hides out of sight, according to many believers. Described as a large, reddish-brown, ape-like entity, the Skunk Ape is an imposing height of eight feet that intimates everyone who has seen it.

The semblance of the Skunk Ape to humans adds an eerie twist to the nature of this local cryptid.

5. Hodag

Woman scared with hands on mouth.

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Through your wealth of imagination, fuse an image of a dinosaur, a bull, and a reptile in one creature lurking in the Northwood of Wisconsin. Scary, is it?

The Hogdad is believed to be forged in a strange blend of flesh, sporting massive horns, razor-sharp teeth, and spiky back ridges that command fear even in the bravest of us.

6. Fresno Nightcrawler

Magical Redwoods National Park, California

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A being with no discernable torso and unverified, purported video footage adds to the legend of the Fresno Nightcrawlers. Prying in the woods of California, this elusive being is fashioned as a silent nocturnal wander that leaves everyone who comes across it awe-struck and mystified.

7. Rougarou


Rougarous, derived from the French word “loup-garou,” which literarily translates to Werewolf, is the local cryptid in Louisiana. The Rougarou and the Skunk Ape share human features. The Rougarou combines the elements of both man and wolf, resulting in a fearsome and imposing cryptid figure.

8. Lake Worth Monster

Image Credit: rodrigobellizzi/Depositphotos.com.

Like the Fresno Night Crawler, the Lake Worth Monster was supposedly caught on camera in 1969. Described as a honed and scary beast gowned in scales, the Lake Worth Monster historically terrorized the Lake Worth locality, with many eyewitnesses claiming they saw the half-man half-goat beast.

9. Bunyip

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Steeped in the Mythology of the Aborigines in Australia, Bunyip was sighted in billabongs, rivers, and swamps, according to locals. Bunyip has a crocodile head with flippers and a horse-like body that would make anyone cringe.

10. Chupacabra

peruvian hairless dog chupacabra

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Known as the goat sucker in Latin America’s folklore, this creature reportedly has large eyes and scary fangs. The Chupacabra hunts livestock, and its meals seem to be their blood which it drains to the last drop.

11. Beast of Bodmin Moor

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In the moorlands of Cornwall, England, a phantom feline, like the Chupacabra, mutilates livestock, according to legend. Mirroring a larger-than-normal, all-black cat, the beast of Bodmin Moor was spotted in 1978, leaving behind an onslaught of livestock, thereby putting local farmers in grave loss.

12. Mothman

Image Credit: Raggedstone/Depositphotos.com.

Emerging from the heartland of Virginia, the cryptid Mothman is remembered as the curator of catastrophe. Forged in wings and glowing red eyes, this monster is seen before tragic events, leaving an air of forboding in its wake.

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