15 Most Addictive Countries Travelers Visit Again And Again

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Some countries are bucket list destinations; tick them off and plan to visit other countries. 

However, some places go beyond being a bucket list destination because they are too addictive only to visit once.

A group of travelers compiled a list of 15 countries that are so addictive they need to visit them over and over again.

1. Costa Rica

manuel antonio national park

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With such friendly people and diverse, beautiful scenery, Costa Rica makes the list of the most addictive countries. Water babies thrive in Costa Rica with its world-renowned scuba diving locations, and the weather creates many perfect beach days. 

2. Argentina

patagonia argentina

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One traveler cried in the airport on her way out of Argentina and planned her trip back as soon as she arrived home. Patagonia in Argentina and Chile has expansive mountainscapes, indigenous forests, glaciers, and wildlife that take your breath away and make you want to return repeatedly.

3. Italy

trevi fountain italy

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Italy was dubbed an addictive country due to its delectable food, history, and culture. There is so much to experience in Italy that travelers must return multiple times to enjoy the whole Italian experience.

4. Japan

One of the top 3 waterfalls in Japan. Kegon Falls at Nikko

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Another country so addictive you have to revisit is Japan. The locals are amiable, the gardens are incomparable, and the historical temples are exciting to explore. 

5. Croatia

The Panorama Dubrovnik Old Town roofs at sunset. Europe, Croatia

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One traveler said she has visited several countries, but Croatia is the most beautiful. Whether you want to sit at a quaint cafe overlooking the ocean or head out on a gondola to see the views from the top of Dubrovnik, you’ll find it in Croatia.

6. Vietnam

halong bay vietnam

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You’ll experience something different every time you visit Vietnam. From street food to fine dining, your taste buds will be happy. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the mountains and the beaches, and city folks will enjoy the exciting city life.

7. Mexico

teotihuacan mexico

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Mexico is an incredibly diverse country where you can see the mountains one day and be lying by the ocean the next. Their rich history and delicious food are also enough to make you want to return continually.

8. Thailand

Wat Arun Temple at sunset landmark of Bangkok, Thailand

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If you’re looking for an affordable getaway that you can visit again and again, Thailand is one of the best options. You can eat delicious food, stay in comfortable accommodations, and explore unique places within a decent budget.

9. Greece

Europe travel vacation fun summer woman dancing in freedom with arms up happy in Oia, Santorini, Greece island. Carefree girl tourist in European destination wearing red fashion dress.

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One traveler said that Heaven must look like Greece if it is real. With its gorgeous weather, scenery, and food, it’s the type of country that keeps pulling you back repeatedly. 

10. Iceland

reykjavik iceland northern lights

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If you want to feel like you’ve left Earth for a bit, Iceland is an excellent option. The south’s black sand beaches, the north’s volcanos, and the west’s majestic fjords are all drawcards travelers can never get enough of.

11. Spain

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Stunning cities, extraordinary architecture, beautiful nature, and award-winning wine make up Spain, so it’s no wonder travelers are addicted to this city. One traveler said he even considered moving to Spain. 

12. Taiwan

Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

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One person has visited Taiwan twice and is already planning their third visit, and other travelers support this sentiment. What many love about Taiwan is how peaceful and relaxing places like Taipei are, and the kind locals contribute to this happy atmosphere.

13. Slovakia

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A traveler shared that they have visited Slovakia 10 times as they felt there wasn’t enough time to experience what the country offers in one trip. Travelers love how there is so much to do and see each season and so many museums and castles to explore. 

14. Scotland

Image Credit: Shaiith79/Depositphotos.com.

There was a consensus that Scotland is one of the most addictive countries. There are too many ancient castles, historical attractions, awe-inspiring highlands, and hiking trails to squeeze into one holiday, so you’ll want to return multiple times. 

15. Turkey

hagia sophia turkey

Image Credit: Boris Stroujko/Shutterstock.

When one traveler left Turkey, they were hit with post-holiday blues and immediately booked tickets to return. Another traveler said they would revisit Istanbul solely for the food. This underrated country has an addictive atmosphere and other unique factors that many travelers would love to return for another visit. 

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Source: Reddit

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