“Dullest” Drives: Here Are America’s 12 Worst According to Road Trippers

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Road trippers and work commuters, you might have noticed that there are certain parts of the highway that almost always bore you. This is especially true in the Midwest, where long stretches bordered by corn and crops are unentertaining.

So which highway drives are the dullest in America? One online travel community shares its thoughts.

1. 1-10 through West Texas

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Image Credit: AllaSerebrina/depositphotos.com.

Grey highway roads get old fast. This one is especially vast and empty. Maybe grab a coffee or energy drink before your venture since the landscapes here are yawn-inspiring.

2. 1-70 from Burlington to Hays

Image Credit: orelphoto2/Depositphotos.com.

A never-ending highway road and a whole lot of nothing – that’s what you can expect from this Interstate drive. One user specifically complained about the section from Burlington, Colorado, to Hays, Kansas, stating that they avoid it at all costs.

3. I-80 in Nebraska

soybean farm highway

Image Credit: pixelsaway/depositphotos.com.

“Corn…soybeans…corn…soybeans…” This user repeats this so many times that you will never forget what you expect to see on I-80.

4. I-70 from Kansas City to Denver

i70 highway

Image Credit: urban_light/depositphotos.com.

Multiple people mention this stretch of highway, and one told a particular story about their drive after giving their condolences to another who will be taking it soon: “Heading to Denver in 2017, we crossed into Colorado and had a blowout on the back tire.

The donut tire was too flat, and we called AAA. The closest tow truck was back in Kansas, and we waited for 2.5 hours. Then no tire place was open (Sunday) all the way to Denver.”

5. I-10 Between San Antonio & El Paso

i10 west texas

Image Credit: Jasmin Pawlowicz/Shutterstock.

One driver explains, “I used to have to make that drive at least once a year when I lived in El Paso. That is the only drive I always dreaded making. It’s eight hours of literally nothing. The speed limit being 80 kinda helps.”

6. I-10 Across the Florida Panhandle to Pensacola

i10 florida panhandle

Image Credit: lunamarina/depositphotos.com.

A commenter was kind enough to advise those driving this route, “Pensacola to Tallahassee is what I call ‘The Desolation.’

Before completing that stretch, ensure you have gas, snacks, etc. Almost ran out of gas making the drive across Florida at night and stopped at a gas station off I-10 and waited for an hour and a half for it to open at 6:00 AM.”

7. I-27 Between Amarillo and Lubbock

i27 texas

Image Credit: karenr/Depositphotos.com.

“More boring per mile, but shorter by far,” one user says. Another adds, “It also doesn’t help when like, 75% of the traffic around you are semi-trucks.”

8. Wisconsin/Illinois Border to St Louis

railroad crossing wisconsin

Image Credit: stu99/depositphotos.com.

There were several comments about this route, and none had anything positive to say. One mentions that it feels like driving on a treadmill and is brutal.

9. I-55 from Joliet to Springfield

i55 illinois

Image Credit: benkrut/depositphotos.com.

The top comment with this answer states, “I could drive it with my eyes closed, but it’s so dull and flat.” A follow-up comment indicates that it’s full of cornfields and not much else. Unfortunately, this user drove it during the spring, so they didn’t even see the corn and only saw a lot of dirt.

10. I-5 through the Central Valley of California

central valley california

Image Credit: wolterke/depositphotos.com.

“California has so much natural beauty to offer, but none of it is there,” someone remarks. A second driver who followed up on this shares that you need to watch out for speeding and reckless drivers on this drive. Be safe out there.

11. I-65 in Indiana

highway indiana

Image Credit: alexeys/depositphotos.com.

From how users describe this drive, I hope I never have to take it. One person suggests that the trek can induce hypnosis. Other comments include, “The wind farms are the big landmark” and “It’s so desolate between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, you can almost see the curvature of the Earth.”

12. I-80 in Pennsylvania

highway pennsylvania

Image Credit: haveseen/depositphotos.com.

It might not be one cornfield after another, but it feels like one of those old movies where the background is slightly different every few seconds. Driving through the state takes about six hours, which is the longest six hours of your life.

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