7 Paranormal Encounters That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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Many people have some form of paranormal experience. Despite rationalizing the encounter, those moments of recall always inspire the hairs on one’s neck to stand on end. Whether it’s a ghostly hitchhiker or inexplicable noises, here are some frightening paranormal stories from a paranormal internet forum. If you like feeling spooked, enjoy reading with the lights off.

1. Someone’s at the Door

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A couple—let’s call them Andre and Janice—living in an old house had a chilling experience. They always lock their bedroom door, but on one night, they awake to the doorknob shaking. Still, more frightening bangs on the door follow, and Janice climbs out of bed, moving towards the door while telling Andre, “‘It wants in.'” Suddenly the banging stops as though waiting for her to open the door.

Fortunately, Andre stops her before that, and she comes “out of her stupor.” They both sit on the bed while the banging begins before stopping completely. Unfortunately, they had no phone in the bedroom, so they cannot call for help and waited until morning to come out. In the morning, nothing was out of place. Doors and windows remained locked. To this day, Andre and Janice have no clue what was at their door that night.

2. Are You Scared of the Dark?

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A truck driver, Larry, delivering groceries to small stores in rural areas, shares a terrifying experience. Since he has a delivery to the north of Gallup, New Mexico, scheduled for five in the morning, he decides to rest in his truck since he arrived the night before. So he parks outside the store and sleeps. A few hours later, Larry awakens and has to use the restroom. He describes the truck as “completely black” with “no vision at all.”

At first, it doesn’t surprise him because he uses blackout curtains to prevent light from entering the truck. But when Larry moves to open the curtains, he realizes he never closed them. That pitch black is everywhere, not just in his vehicle. He has to feel his way to the front of the truck to exit. Larry cannot see the ground outside or the store, even with his dome lights in the car.

While going outside to use the bathroom in the darkness, he gets a “really dreadful feeling” so strong it triggers his flight response, and Larry races back to his truck, locks the doors, and turns on all his lights. Still, he can only see “Five feet in front of the truck and nothing on the sides.”

Done with it all, he drives away toward Gallup. The pressing dark disappears after a couple of miles. He parks in a well-lit parking lot and returns to the store after sunup. Though he explains what happened, the people at the store think he made it up as an excuse.

3. A Comforting Companion

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Another person, we’ll call Alicia, recounts a sweet paranormal occurrence that happened years ago. While searching for a job and living in their classmate’s parent’s home, they decided to break up with their long-distance partner. So they enter the bedroom, sit on the bed, and call.

After the “demoralizing” call, Alicia notices a cat relaxing on a pillow, licking its paw. Since the cat was partially see-through, she rubbed her eyes, thinking she had imagined it. Nope. Still there. Then the cat vanished “like a hologram.”

So, Alicia went to the parents, relaying what had happened. They opened a photo album. Inside there was a picture of the cat. They explain the cat died a few years ago. But the cat loved hanging out in that bedroom, especially on the pillows. Alicia describes the experience as “the most confusing thing.”

Many cat owners know cats have favorite spots, and they show up to comfort you when you’re sad—a sweet if disconcerting, experience.

4. I’ve Been Here Before

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As a teenager, a “wildly unsettling” experience of deja vu happened to someone, let’s call them Blake. Blake’s uncle purchased a home “on the other side of the country.” Their family went there one summer.

Although it was their first time in the house, they could describe the backyard to their dad without seeing it. Blake knew what the rooms looked like, cabinets, kitchen, and bathrooms. They even knew what cabinets held what stuff.

It’s a bewildering experience to sense that you’ve been somewhere or had a conversation already, whether you call it deja vu or a “glitch.”

5. Stopping by for a Visit

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A person, we’ll call them Tonya, relays a strange experience. Tonya’s family dog, let’s call them Mango, passes away after twenty years. After that, she had a recurring dream: Mango “would come out of some bushes,” and then Tonya would happily pet them. She loved this dream.

One day, she started telling her sister about the dream. Before she got to the recurring part of the dream, her sister stopped talking. After some nudging, her sister tells her that she, too, has had that dream often, adding that she “recognize[s] the bushes” and knows Mango’s going to “come waddling out with her little curly tail wagging.”

Tonya says she’s confident that Mango visits them both in their sleep.

6. Ask for Permission First

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Let’s call this person Miles. In 2005, Miles visited the Trunyan Cemetery—similar to Skull Island in King Kong—in Bali with her “trusty digital camera” in tow. While visiting over 30 countries, this camera was a constant. When Miles tried taking photos of skulls in the cemetery, the camera would not work. He clicked it again and again, and nothing. Finally, testing his camera, Miles took a photo of the lake, and it worked. He tried “about a dozen times,” switching between the lake and skulls with the same results.

Freaking out, he told his Balinese friend, who calmly asked if he requested permission from the spirits first. Then, after mentally asking for their blessing and asserting he meant no harm, he tried again, and it worked.

Respect the spirits.

7. Driving Mister Ghost

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Another commenter relays a story about their aunt and uncle – let’s call them Aunt May and Uncle Richie. After retiring, Uncle Richie loved restoring cars. He would purchase, fix, and cruise around in them after weeks of repairs.

The uncle bought another car and, following the same routine, fixing it and driving it around, something strange happened. After running into someone, they said they saw the three of them—May, Richie, and the commenter’s grandfather—cruising around in the car a few days ago.

Aunt May and Uncle Richie admitted they were in town, but no one was with them. Despite their assertions, this happened several times. People saw the aunt, uncle, and grandfather in the car.

The grandfather, Aunt May’s father, was still alive but never rode in that car. Fed up, Uncle Richie spoke to the previous owner. The man said the vehicle belonged to his father, who passed away recently. After all that, Aunt May did not like being in the car, and Uncle Richie sold it immediately after restoring it.

Ghosts like joyrides too.

Source: Reddit

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