12 Random Things That You Won’t Find on Everybody’s Travel Packing Lists

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Everyone knows about the essentials of travel packing lists: Warm socks, plenty of underwear, and your cell phone charger are must-haves on any adventure. However, seasoned travelers are unique; some things they bring with them on their trips are unique and sometimes bizarre! Recently, these travelers met in an online discussion to reveal all the random things they can’t leave home without.

1. S-Hooks

s hooks

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Inevitably, you’ll encounter accommodations that don’t meet your expectations of cleanliness. That’s okay! Bring plenty of S-hooks to safely keep things like towels, backpacks, and clothes off the floor. Many travelers call this little hack a game-changer!

2. Black Electrical Tape

black electrical tape

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When a good night’s sleep is all you want, you’ll do anything to rest in a completely dark room! Therefore, many people travel with a roll of black electrical tape. “Tear off a small piece to cover every one of those annoyingly unnecessarily bright LED lights of various appliances and fixtures in the hotel room,” advises one particularly-savvy traveler.

3. A UV-Protective Umbrella

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On any adventure, you’ll find yourself walking and exploring simultaneously. Regular umbrellas will only protect you against inclement weather, while UV-protective umbrellas will keep you dry and shield you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You don’t want to be the person to get sunburnt because you didn’t protect yourself while walking everywhere, do you?

4. A Microfiber Blanket

microfiber blanket

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Bringing one item for multiple purposes on your trip can be a lifesaver! A microfiber blanket fills many needs. “I bring a blue, thin microfiber blanket,” reveals one woman. “Mashed up, it can serve as a pillow. On a plane, it keeps me warm. In areas where there is no heat in the room at night, it can help keep me warm. It’s also a nice and comfortable thing when leaning against in a chair. I love it.”

5. A Loved One’s Ashes

urn ashes

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While it may sound strange initially, I now realize that bringing a tiny amount of a loved one’s ashes with you when traveling is a beautiful gesture! Many travelers confess to doing this as a way to keep the memory of their loved one alive and commemorate that person’s love for traveling.

6. A Luggage Scale

luggage scale

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Admit it: Nobody wants to be the embarrassed person at the airport baggage counter who is frantically trying to get their luggage under the weight limit. Bringing a small luggage scale with you can help prevent these issues. You’ll never have to play the guessing game again!

7. Zip Ties

zip ties

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Unless you’re blessed with unimaginable wealth, you’ll frequently stay in some less-than-ideal hostels and hotels. Zip ties can be used as a temporary fix for anything broken in your hotel. “Never know when you need to temporarily fix a broken shower head wall clamp or whatever,” explains one man.

8. Tea-Light Candles

tea light candles

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At some point during a trip, you’ll find yourself staying in a room that doesn’t have as much light as you’d like. Multiple travelers bring battery-powered tea-light candles and place them around their hostels and rooms so they can more easily navigate their unfamiliar surroundings in the middle of the night.

9. An Analog Compass

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We all rely on technology, but sometimes it’s best to bring an old-fashioned analog compass in an emergency. “If your phone goes down or gets pickpocketed, and you’ve lost Google Maps, you can still navigate with a compass,” explains one traveler. “I often use it instead of the phone for basic orienteering. On a leash around my neck, it’s always there, ready to use at a glance. You don’t have to turn it on, and you can read it in bright light or night if you get one with luminescent dials.”

10. Their Own Pillowcases

bedside table pillows

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Many travelers confess to bringing little pieces of home with them, specifically citing their own pillowcases. Not only does this remind them of home, but it’s usually a significant upgrade over the pillowcases in hotels, couches, and hostels!

11. Metal Traveling Spork/Bottle Opener

bottle opener

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Having a do-it-all tool with you when traveling can be the difference between eating and drinking like a cave dweller or dining in relative luxury! “It’s not the right tool for any job, but it’s better than eating potato salad with your fingers or breaking something in a hotel room trying to improvise a bottle opener,” confesses one woman.

12. Earplugs

woman earplugs

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Enjoying a restful sleep can be hard to come by, which is why countless travelers always admit to carrying earplugs with them. Ambient noise pollution is a problem in many larger cities globally, and earplugs go a long way in shutting out unwanted noise as you sleep. In addition, there’s nothing wrong with protecting your hearing while you travel!

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