Women Reveal the Safest Countries They Have Visited: Here Are 15 of the Best

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If you’re a woman, you’ll know exactly how it feels to have to walk somewhere at night, to constantly be looking behind you and in corners that you think someone could be hiding, and even double checking that your car is locked every time you have to stop at a traffic light.

No country is entirely safe, but a group of women have concluded that these 15 countries are some of the safest they have visited. 

1. Scotland

Caerlaverock Castle

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There was a consensus that the Scottish Highlands are among the safest destinations for women to visit. One intrepid traveler toured the Scottish Highlands for three weeks and felt completely safe. Another lady shared that she parked her van on the side of the road in the evenings and didn’t have a single problem. 

2. South Korea

seoul south korea

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South Korea is another safe country for women to visit. One traveler said she never felt threatened while traveling the country alone, even late at night.

3. New Zealand

Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

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One woman said that you always need to be cautious no matter where you go, but she enjoyed traveling all over New Zealand as she didn’t encounter any issues. She said she would add New Zealand to a list of 15 safest countries for women to visit.

4. Denmark

copenhagen denmark christmas

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Many ladies highly rated Denmark as a beautiful country with beautiful people. Women who visited said they had no problems walking around in the evenings.

5. Germany

Berlin, Germany

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One lady who visited Berlin said she felt safe everywhere, even at night. Many ladies agree that Germany is a safe country for women to visit. 

6. Singapore

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Singapore is another highly-rated destination for women to travel alone, as women travelers say they feel very safe. The people are amiable, and most citizens speak English, so it’s easy to ask a local for help if you get lost. 

7. Ireland

dublin ireland

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Lots of people said that their trips to Ireland were incredible. The people were friendly and helpful, and the travelers had no strange interactions while traveling the country.

8. Sweden

abisko national park sweden

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A young lady said that her home country, Sweden, is where she feels the most safe. She likes running and hiking by herself and often walks home from a night out with friends at 3 a.m. without running into any problems. 

9. Canada

toronto canada

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Although there are still dangerous parts of Canada, generally speaking, it’s a ‘small-town kind of safe’ destination where you could potentially leave your doors unlocked without an issue (although not recommended). 

10. Norway

Akershus Fortress

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Norway is, if not the safest, one of the safest countries for solo female travelers. Its meager crime rate, friendly locals, and government stance on keeping visitors and citizens safe play a massive role in being one of the best destinations. 

11. Costa Rica

Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica - Aerial Drone shot of Flamingo Beach - Luxury Homes with Ocean view at white sand Beach and blue Lagoon Bay on the north Pacific Coast line

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With low violent crime rates, friendly locals, and many things to do for a woman traveling alone, Costa Rica is one of the best and safest places to visit. 

12. Iceland

View of Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland on the Rainbow Road

Image Credit: The Happiness Function.

Many women shared their stories of traveling to Iceland alone and feeling completely safe. One young lady said she visited Iceland for a music festival and never felt threatened, even being out after 2 a.m. 

13. Japan

Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms in Yamanashi, Japan

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Women travelers said they felt completely safe in Japan except on the trains. However, walking the streets, visiting the attractions, and staying in accommodations on their own were safe. 

14. Romania

Arch of Triumph Bucharest city Romania Arcul de triumf ziua nationala a romaniei 1 decembrie !st of December

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Surprisingly, Romania made the list of the 15 safest places for women to visit. The country has some of Europe’s lowest crime rates, and gender inequality is just as minimal. Women who have visited Romania have all been pleasantly surprised by how safe they feel.

15. Dubai

Dubai - amazing city center skyline with luxury skyscrapers, United Arab Emirates

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The stringent laws in Dubai keep women travelers safe. The government has set strict harassment and assault laws, and a significant percentage of the population are immigrants. They could face deportation if they don’t adhere to these laws. 

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