You’ve Just Won a Vacation to 49 of 50 U.S. States, Which Would You Skip?

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You’ve just received the news! That all-expenses-paid U.S. vacation you applied for was successful. Now, all that is left is to choose which place to avoid since the trip only covers 49 out of 50 States.

Recently, this same question was asked in an online forum. Hilariously, plenty of people had an answer on which state they would skip. These were the most popular opinions. Do you agree with any?

For the record, we think every state in the U.S. has something special to offer.

1. Alabama

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One firm American believes it’s the worst state due to its lack of infrastructure, culture, and attractions. They also made a point that the roads and transport systems need improving. But don’t be influenced too much — Alabama is a neat place to visit. It has some of the best beaches in the southern U.S.

2. Missouri

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Missouri doesn’t get much love either, with several people chiming in about the “misery” of the state. It recently ranked sixth in one CNBC study assessing the worst states in America. Additionally, crime rates are among the highest in the country.

Be careful exploring, but don’t miss the Gateway Arch, wine country, or the beautiful state parks.

3. Oklahoma

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The “Bible Belt” includes this state, and it’s home to Oral Roberts University in the heart of Tulsa, but outside the city, there isn’t much that holds some people’s attention. The “Sooner State” quickly climbs the ranks as a state people online would exclude.

But we think they are missing out. Oklahoma has mountains and incredible state parks, and Tulsa is a neat town.

4. Ohio

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Ohio also climbed the list of “do not road trip through states” quickly, as forum users were quick to lament this Midwest state for its “dull landscape” and “strict speed limits.” However, Ohio has some fantastic state parks.

5. Kansas

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Kansas gets a bad rap for being nothing but “flat farmland.” And while several people tried to extol the “Sunflower State’s” finer points, one person wasn’t even sure what Kansas had going for it.

“What’s even in Kansas, corn?”

Once you get away from the interstates, it’s not bad. There is a lot of beauty in wide open spaces.

6. Mississippi

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Mississippi is a place unto itself. As part of the Deep South, it clings to a different time and suffers a nasty reputation because it hasn’t moved forward. There is a reason it’s the birthplace of the Blues.

However, there are cool places to explore close to the Gulf, like the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

7. Delaware

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The “First State” doesn’t top my personal list, but it did earn its place for having little to no interest for some forum readers. One forum observer comments, “Delaware. There’s nothing here. Wilmington is Philly, part two, and the rest of the state is incredibly boring. They have nice beaches, but so do most other states.” 

8. Nebraska

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Known as the “Cornhusker State,” Nebraska gives up a lot of land to farming, you guessed it…corn. Nearly 20 million acres of corn are planted in Nebraska annually.

Someone was quick to agree. “As a Nebraskan, I knew we’d be somewhere on this list.” At least they have the Cornhuskers.

9. Indiana

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The “Hoosier State” made its way onto this list. But you’re missing out if you don’t stop at Indiana Dunes National Park. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

10. Rhode Island

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The “Island State” isn’t winning any awards for tourism and snapped up a spot on our list. One forum contributor hilariously said this about the state they’d skip: “Rhode Island. I’d just look over while driving through Massachusetts and see the whole thing.”

11. Iowa

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The “Hawkeye State” earned a place on the list because, like most other Midwest states, it is mostly farmland and a bit boring and dull. Check out their state parks if you don’t want to miss out on the state’s beauty. 

12. North Dakota

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One person dreaming about an epic road trip says, “North Dakota. Nothing wrong with it, but I can’t think of anything interesting they bring to the table.” Hilariously, a local North Dakotan replies, “We have cows and grass.”

Jokes aside, there are a few national parks to explore, but not much else.

What’s Your Choice?

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No matter which state you choose to nix from your all-expense paid trip around the U.S., there’s something valuable in each of the 50 states. Amazingly, America has the infrastructure that allows road trips to be possible.

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