“I Saw an Alien”: Woman Shares True Story About Star-Speckled Alien

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A female engineering student recently shared a strange encounter she had in April 2022. Confused, she kept quiet about the encounter. However, her experience affected her deeply and she decided to talk about it.

I Saw an Alien

Initially, the student created an anonymous internet account to tell her story online but decided against it, fearing that what she had to say would seem cringe. In addition, she was concerned people would accuse her of lying. However, she finally gathered the courage to share. For the sake of the story, we’ll call her Jessie.

Her Experience

Jessie was 22, in her last year of engineering school, and still living with her parents.

One night while lying in bed and having drifted off to sleep, she was awakened by someone grabbing her from behind in an awkward hugging motion. She described it as “Like a bear hug, but more.”

She assumed it was her mom, who usually got up for work early. However, when she turned to see who was touching her, she saw a being floating directly above her desk. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

The Creature

The creature was slightly shorter than Jessie. She could see it had a larger-than-normal head with a tiny slit mouth. Its skin was a blackish, star-speckled color – almost like cosmic gas. However, the most striking feature was its gigantic and deep black eyes.

When Jessie made eye contact with the being, she felt primal fear and could not move her arms and legs. She felt as though she had reverted to a caveman or something, accompanied by dread and a horrible eldritch terror.

The being did not speak, but a message was directly planted in her thoughts, saying, “Don’t be afraid.” Jessie felt a sort of calmness wash over her and then blacked out a few moments later.

What Happened Next

The next thing she remembers, she’s seated at a desk, where she is shown images of real-life war in the media and cartoons.

The being wanted to know her opinions on the images and how the photos made her feel.

She couldn’t remember her response but felt that the being was mildly satisfied. She also sensed that there might have been a third presence in the conversation.

Here Is How She Coped

At some point during the encounter, she grabbed her phone to look at a stupid meme that made her laugh. She felt like the being was questioning her behavior and seemed intrigued by how she acted. She held up her phone in the air, trying to show the being where she was looking.

Suddenly, she found herself back in bed as if nothing had occurred. The encounter left her feeling shocked, confused, and awkward. But she didn’t sense she was in danger.

She did feel like she was being watched, even though no one was in the room.

What the Internet Thinks

After getting the courage to talk about her strange encounter with an alien, here is how the internet responded to Jessie’s bravery.

“Sometimes our space neighbors can seem rude, like they don’t know the rules of polite society. Maybe they don’t. It sounds like you handled yourself very well, considering the intrusion of your space. I especially liked your interaction using the meme. If it happens again, if you can – ask firmly to be left alone. Thanks for telling your story.”

Other’s Claimed to Have Had a Similar Experience

“Yeah, I had almost the same vision of a dark being in the corner, feeling like I was about to be abducted, but it was just sleep paralysis.”

What do you think? Have you had a similar experience you’re willing to share?

For those wondering, Jessie now resides in another city, working in her specialized field.

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