12 Survival TV Shows That Will Actually Teach You Something About Surviving

Man vs. Wild (2006)

If you seek the adrenaline rush wrapped in heart-pounding adventures, you can never go wrong with survival shows. Beyond the freeze and fawn you feel watching these riveting entertainments, many survival shows offer practical, life-saving lessons sufficient to save the day if you ever get into similar messes of your favorite big-screen adventurers.

1. Man vs. Wild (2006)

Man vs. Wild (2006)

Image Credit: Diverse Productions.

Easily one of the most iconic survival shows of all time, the adventure of Bear Grylls in the treacherous and unforgiving wilderness is replete with real-life lessons on surviving in the wild with limited resources. You could learn how to find water, build shelter, and procure food in some of Earth’s most challenging landscapes.

2. Survivorman (2005)

Survivorman (2005)

Image Credit: Cream Productions.

Les Stroud heralds this highly successful survival show, and his raw and authentic approach makes it one of the go-to real-life mock-ups of how to endure treacherous wilderness with only a few handy tools. On-screen, You’ll witness the power of physical and mental fortitude crucial to surviving in the wild.

3. Dual Survival (2010)

Dual Survival (2010)

Image Credit: Original Media.

Unlike Man vs. Wild and Survivorman, Dual Survival had two experts from different backgrounds teaming up to beat the harshness outdoors. You can learn how best to find and ration limited resources like food and water as a group plying inhospitable environments.

4. Naked and Afraid (2013)

Naked and Afraid (2013)

Image Credit: Renegade 83.

The Poetic tagline of Naked and Afraid is the perfect representation of this show that had contestants thrust into the badlands. Bereft of clothing and attempting to survive the harsh force of nature, the exhibition brings a realistic survival perspective. 

5. Alone (2015)

Alone (2015)

Image Credit: Leftfield Pictures.

One of the best you’ll find, contestants of the show Alone are left alone with no camera crew or quick-response support, and it doesn’t get more real than this. Critics hail this show for its unobstructed approach to survival in the boondocks, and you can learn a thing or two if the need to test your primal instincts ever arises.

6. The Island With Bear Grylls (2014)

The Island With Bear Grylls (2014)

Image Credit: Bear Grylls Ventures.

Bear Grylls steps into the spotlight again, but this time with a different catch: a group of amateur survival enthusiasts must find their footing and survive in remote uninhabited islands of the Pacific with minimal supplies. Grylls coaches them through challenging scenarios, and they must adapt by joining forces and bringing an A-level game of creativity and resourcefulness.

7. Ultimate Survival Alaska (2013)

Ultimate Survival Alaska (2013)

Image Credit: Brian Catalina Productions.

Alaska is home to some of the most treacherous environments, and on this show, contestants have to compete for the sheer joy of conquering snow-clad mountains and idyllic dense forests instead of a grand prize. Ultimate Survival Alaska brings nail-biting intrigues that’ll keep you on the edge of your couch through screen time.

8. Surviving the Stone Age: Adventure to the Wild (2020)

Surviving the Stone Age (2020)

Image Credit: Passion Distribution.

If you seek to learn how it would be if you had to survive back in time, this is the show for you. Relying only on stone-age tools, participants must survive harsh prehistoric conditions. Learn to make fires by smashing stones, craft crude, efficient weaponry, build shelter from palms, and live on minimal resources through this cliffhanging, primitive TV show.

9. Snowflake Mountains (2022)

Snowflake Mountains (2022)

Image Credit: Netflix.

Set in one of the planet’s most frigid and forgiving landscapes, contestants on the show are pushed to the edge of their minds by trying physical and mental tasks. Snowflake Mountains had viewers witness participants push through harsh blizzards and whiteouts to reach safety. This show is for you if you need tips on getting the best out of a team and making crucial decisions under life-threatening pressure.

10. Dude, You’re Screwed (2013)

Dude, You're Screwed (2013)

Image Credit: Discovery Channel.

This show tests five experts for ingenuity, endurance, and apex survival skills. Each episode had one survivalist kidnapped by four others, huddled in a strange location where they had to fight to live or die. You can leverage the experience of these experts if you seek to understand how to survive treacherous environments.

11. The Colony (2021)

The Colony (2021)

Image Credit: Constantin Film.

You could learn a thing or two from the simulated post-apocalyptic scenarios of The Colony. Participants must build a society from scratch between limited resources and constant threats to survival.

12. Surviving Disaster (2009)

Surviving Disaster (2009)

Image Credit: SPIKE TV.

Hosted by former Navy Seal, Cade Coutley, the show leads the way to survive agonizing disasters, including natural disasters such as earthquakes, pandemics, and nuclear wars. Using the show’s practical survival tools, you could learn what to do during a plane crash, terrorist attack, robbery, or home invasion.

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