Proud To Be American: 12 Things the U.S. Does Right

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Like all countries, the United States has its shortcomings. But there are many aspects Americans can be proud of. In one online forum, someone asked, “What does America do better than the rest of the world?” Here are the Internet’s most popular answers.

1. Entertainment

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From globally-recognized music artists to internally watched Hollywood movies and TV, America’s entertainment industry has worked its way into homes all over the globe. The fact that it covers several forms of media means the country dominates mainstream pop culture in the West.

2. Tech

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We all know the big fish like Apple, Meta, Netflix, and Amazon. These are all American tech companies spearheading life as we know it today, hence, there’s an undeniable U.S. monopoly in the digital realm.

3. The Constitution

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“The unique structure of our Constitution and the resulting government has some of the most untouchable liberties of any nation on earth,” begins a patriotic observer.

“Of course, not every freedom is inherently granted, but things like the freedom of speech, freedom of protest, and freedom of the press are essentially guaranteed for the foreseeable future.” I am a huge fan of the Constitution. In the U.K. (where I’m from), we have English Common Law, which derives from the Magna Carta — written in 1215!

4. Accessibility

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Anyone with a disability has dignity in the United States, according to a poster online. “We’re a very accessible country for those who are disabled,” says the thread member.

The agreement comes from someone who appreciates this. “I moved to Denmark and am amazed at how little accessibility there is — even in government buildings.”

5. Bug Screens

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A funny thread emerges further down with a mosquito screen debate. “We put screens on our windows to keep the bugs out,” explains one person. “Very few other countries seem to want to do this.”

Southern European nations have mosquito nets on open windows, but in northern Europe, it is uncommon.” Most other first world nations’ bugs are wimps,” adds an American joker.

6. Bars

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Growing up watching Cheers on TV, I was always in awe of such a friendly bar. Indeed, anyone in an American bar (especially a dive bar in the afternoon) is a friend you haven’t met yet.

“In many foreign countries, the idea of sitting at a bar to meet someone you’ve never met is strange,” says one drinker. Of course, you can do this in English pubs, but the outcome is 50-50 — you could meet a lifelong friend or get into a fight.

7. The Military

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“Everyone forgets logistics,” says the next commenter. “You don’t notice it when it’s done well, and it’s why our military can fight on the other side of the world for twenty years without a major supply issue.”

He has a point; the U.S. Military knows how to move big things long distances. I would also apply this to the movie industry, which moves tons of equipment into remote locations for months at a time.

8. The Mail System


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The thread has no shortage of praise for the United States Postal Service (USPS); this is apparent in one proud American’s testimony. “People don’t often realize how good it is,” says the observer. “The USPS will deliver to addresses the commercial companies will not,” replies a fellow enthusiast.

9. Ice in Drinks

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Another stateside commenter recalls visiting Britain one summer. “I remember thinking someone was messing with me when they brought me a warm Coke in a can,” they explain. I apologize for this incredible British shortcoming. I also want a full glass of ice when I order a drink. Do better, Britain!

10. Celebrating Success

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“Being accepting of failure and encouraging people to try again,” suggests another commenter. This comment is true, and I love the American ‘can-do’ approach to life. I believe this is born of a pioneering heritage and the inherent stubbornness that comes with that.

This mentality can be hard to find in Europe, where the class system has sometimes been guilty of thwarting innovation — the British tabloid press is a great example of this.

11. Land

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National parks, national monuments, national forests, and national recreation areas,” says the thread starter. “We have tons of public land — more public land than some entire countries.” I agree with this person, and although we have public rights-of-access bylaws in Britain, other European countries restrict countryside access to national parks or state parks.

12. World Champions

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The amount of world champions American sports have produced is strangely coincidental. Save some of the world for the rest of us, guys!

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