15 Things Europeans Have That Americans Consider a Luxury

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Some people enjoy things daily that we can only afford less regularly. We’re sure something springs to mind, whether it’s a cappuccino, a sliver of salmon, or even just bottled water. 

A group of Americans compiled a list of 15 things that Europeans have that are considered a luxury.

1. Cheap International Flights

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International flights in Europe are substantially cheaper than domestic flights in the U.S. Cheap international flights are a big luxury for Americans.

2. Government Healthcare

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Many European countries have government healthcare freely available to them. Many Americans have shared what a luxury this is as they have to pay for expensive healthcare out of pocket.

3. Walkable Cities

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Walking from place to place is truly a luxury in the eyes of the American people. European cities and towns are often walkable, while Americans must drive to where they need to go.

4. Cheap Coffee

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Coffee shops in America are marketed as trendy spots, and purchasing a pastry and coffee equates to between 8 and 10 dollars. In comparison, a coffee and pastry cost around 3 dollars, especially in southern Europe.

5. Public Transport

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What blew some Americans away when they traveled to Europe was how easy it was to hop on public transport to get where they wanted. Railways link the major cities in America, but if someone lives in a smaller town or village, they don’t have the luxury of public transport.

6. Paid Parental Leave

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In many European companies, paid maternity and paternity leave is included in their contract, some even allowing mothers to take up to a year’s maternity leave. In contrast, many American companies don’t offer their employees as much or even any paid maternity leave, and mothers sometimes return to work only six weeks after having their child. 

7. Easy to Cross Borders

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Because America is so big, international travel is more challenging than in Europe, where the countries are close. Many Americans said that they would love this type of luxury.

8. Vacation Days

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Americans envy the paid vacation days Europeans are afforded and even encouraged to take. Often, American employees aren’t given as much paid vacation and are discouraged from using it.

9. Good Bread

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Many Americans wished buying fresh, “real” bread in America was easier. European countries, like France, offer freshly baked bread in local bakeries, which Americans deem a luxury.

10. Affordable Universities

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One American mother shared that she sent her daughter to a European university because it was cheaper than attending school in America. Americans envy the ease and affordability of going to university in Europe.

11. Cheap Wine by the Glass

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Drinking wine by the glass is usually an affordable way to drink wine at a restaurant, especially in Europe. Americans pay a lot more for a glass of wine in the U.S. and share that it is a luxury to enjoy one. 

12. Bike Lanes

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Americans who have visited parts of Europe are shocked at how well bike lanes work and how people are encouraged to use bikes to get from place to place. Many say they fear for their lives when riding their bike in the U.S.

13. Reliable Police Force

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Some have shared that European police forces are much more reliable and trustworthy than in America. They said that one of the reasons for this is that the education and training required to become a police officer in America is less intensive than in Europe.

14. Toilet Doors that Reach the Floor

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A few Americans shared how jealous they are that European toilet stall doors reach the floor. They don’t want to know what shoe color the person next to them is wearing while going to the bathroom.

15. Regulations on Food

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Food with fewer chemicals and more regulations is considered a luxury to Americans. They say that Europe has stricter ingredients and food preparation regulations, which they wish was true of America.

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