The Dark Side of Cryptids: 12 Things That Drive People Crazy

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Cryptids are fascinating if you’re interested in the unexplained, specifically the world’s most mysterious creatures. However, not everyone is a fan. To some, cryptozoology is just a wild goose chase, with no actual credit or evidence to its name.

Here are 12 things that drive people crazy, as told by an online cryptid community.

1. Mythology vs Cryptozoology

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According to some users, there’s a clear distinction between mythical creatures and cryptids, and the two should never be confused. For instance, fire-breathing dragons are obviously not cryptids. The same is applicable to the supernatural and aliens. And yet, there are others who claim such beings fall into the cryptozoology field.

2. Cryptids Don’t Have to Be Scary

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The idea that all cryptids are frightening is also disputable. Indeed, devotees believe harmless, inconspicuous cryptids are just as fascinating and should be treated with the same level of intrigue and respect.

3. Using Their Cryptozoological Websites as Cash Cows

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The third thing people really get worked up about when it comes to cryptids and cryptozoology is using cryptozoological websites as cash cows. Some people have turned their websites into platforms to sell merchandise or promote themselves rather than provide reliable information.

How do you know what is real or fake these days? Consider the source.

4. Inadequate and Scarce Descriptions From Witness Accounts


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Another aspect that people dislike is the lack of detailed and accurate reports of cryptids from witness statements. The illustrations are often too vague or contradictory, making determining the creature’s appearance difficult.

5. Treating Non-Cryptids as Cryptids

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Many despise it when non-cryptids, such as escaped pets or known animals, are mistaken for cryptids. This can lead to false sightings and misinformation about cryptids.

Cryptids are animals that cryptozoologists believe may exist somewhere in the wild but are not recognized by science.

6. Wendigo

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What do you think about Wendigo? Some people disagree with the classification of the Wendigo as a cryptid. The Wendigo is a creature from Native American folklore, and people believe it to be an evil spirit.

7. Jumping to Conclusions Based on Inaccurate Depictions

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It’s also frustrating for some when people jump to conclusions based on the first artist’s depiction they see, especially when the description is incorrect. Ensure you research and gather information from various sources before coming to conclusions.

8. Push for Dinosaur-Like Cryptids

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Are you a fan of dinosaurs? Some people are annoyed by the push for cryptids that look like dinosaurs, as depicted in the 1950s. This disregards the advancements in knowledge about these extinct animals over the years.

9. Difficulty Verifying References

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Another thing that people despise is the difficulty in verifying cryptid references.

Historical accounts of obscure magazines are often behind paywalls, making it challenging to find accurate information. However, if you dig deep enough, there are plenty of historical records and Native American lore about cryptids.

10. Belief That Cryptids Have to Be Large Animals

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People also dislike the belief that cryptids must be large animals, preferably several meters tall or long. This overlooks the possibility of smaller, unknown creatures existing.

11. Making Up Wild Explanations for Lack of Evidence

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Some people don’t like it when wild explanations, such as Bigfoot being a 4th-dimensional being, are made up to explain the lack of evidence for its existence. They say to consider more plausible explanations before jumping to these conclusions.

But maybe it’s not wrong…

12. Refusal to Engage With Evidence

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Lastly, people don’t like it when others refuse to engage with evidence that contradicts their hypothesis. This is the opposite of the scientific process and can lead to a biased view of the evidence. No one likes to be wrong.

What do you think about these cryptids and cryptozoology complaints? Do you have anything to add to this list?

Source: Reddit

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