15 Things That Are Getting Ridiculously More Expensive for Everyone

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There’s no doubt about it: the cost of living has increased dramatically over a short period of time. With inflation, the state of our country, and COVID-19, we’re paying way more now than we ever have. Your lifestyle may influence where your money is going, but these 15 things are getting more expensive for everyone. 

1. Rent

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Despite the lack of wage increases, rent prices continue to climb yearly across the country, making it hard to afford even the most modest living quarters. And don’t forget you’re also paying for pet rent, parking rent, and utilities.

2. Groceries

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The cost of groceries has gradually increased over time, thanks to inflation. But grocery prices spiked thanks to the pandemic, and the prices continue to rise. Even budget-friendly stores put a dent in your wallet these days.

3. Health Insurance

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To say there’s a health crisis happening in the U.S. would be an understatement. Unfortunately, many people go without health insurance because they simply can’t afford the premium prices. 

4. College Tuition

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If you’re not a trust fund baby, your parents better start saving for college tuition the moment you’re born. In-state schools are the most affordable, but private colleges? Ivy Leagues? Say hello to student loans and debt, you’ll never pay off.

5. Cable Television

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Remember back in the old days when you could get all the basic channels with bunny-ear antennas? Now you have to pay for, well, everything! Even if you only want five channels, you still have to pay for all 625 channels.

6. Gas

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Another industry that was affected by the pandemic was the oil and gas industry. Some states with the highest gas prices still pay well over $5.00 per gallon—for regular gas!

7. Concerts

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Unless you want to sit in the nosebleeds to see your favorite band, you must dish out some Benjamins for a good seat. Unlike my dad, who paid no more than $15 to see some of the greatest bands in the 70s, today’s generation is forking over hundreds of dollars for one concert.

8. Fast Food

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Gone are the days of dollar menus. These days, you’re more likely to pay close to $20 for a meal and drinks for two people. Sure, the food may still be fast, but not budget-friendly. 

9. Electronics

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Technology advancements are significant and can make life easier. But they come with a price. Smart TVs, cellphones, smartwatches, and computers have become a serious investment. 

10. Child Care

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Our parents most likely got away with free daycare services thanks to Grandma and Grandpa. Nowadays, young parents live farther away from family, meaning daycare is necessary. Unfortunately, childcare costs increased by a whopping 41% during the pandemic—yikes!

11. Mattresses

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Now, depending on your preference, you may still find mattresses that only cost you a couple hundred bucks. But by and large, you’re looking to spend nearly $1,000 for a full-sized (or larger) mattress. And they only last a few years before you need to replace them, right? 

12. Air Travel

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Plane tickets are expensive, plain and simple. This may be due to the price hike of gasoline, but this may also be due to the hit the travel industry took during the pandemic. Unless you’re traveling close to home, expect to pay a pretty penny for your ticket. 

13. Household Appliances

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Once upon a time, washers, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators were built to last. They’d usually last multiple generations in one family. Nowadays, your appliances last half the time and cost about five times more. 

14. Candy Bars

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You probably haven’t noticed this, but candy bars have gotten significantly more expensive—and significantly smaller. Our grandparents can’t call them “penny candy” anymore. They’re more like $2.25 candy. 

15. Night Life

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If you frequent bars or nightclubs in the city, you’ve probably noticed that one drink can cost you well over $20 or $30. You’re better off buying the ingredients to make at home. At least you’ll have extra for more than one night of cocktails. 

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