10 Things That Aren’t Technically Cults but Absolutely Feel Like a Cult

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By definition, cults are groups that band together over a set of beliefs or practices looked down upon by society. Most cults revolve around religion or faith-based beliefs, but several groups that aren’t classified as cults resemble cults today. According to an online forum, these are 10 cult-like groups that aren’t considered cults.

1. Greek Life

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Scream Queens satirized the idea of Greek Life. Yet, millions of college students pledge to a fraternity or sorority each year. According to this respondent, the Greek Life cult boils down to “paying money to join a group that has you dress the same, talk the same, chant in rhythm, and engage in humiliating/degrading behavior.”

2. Disney 

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One person shares that they live in Orlando and find those who worship Disney resemble cult members. The cult isn’t just Disney fans, but those who make it their entire personality, what with purchasing every release from Disney, living at the amusement parks, and interjecting a fun fact about Walt Disney’s dreamland in each conversation. 

3. Multi-Level Marketing 

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MLM schemes employ workers, for little or no pay, to sell a specific product with a promise to move up in the company and make the big bucks. Those who work for MLMs try to enlist friends and family to join forces and work for the company to spread sales and increase revenue. Examples of MLMs include Tupperware, Mary Kay, and Avon.  

4. Kardashian Fans

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A lot of people don’t care to keep up with The Kardashians. Besides the royal family, the most famous family has over 20 shows dedicated to their lives and built multi-billion dollar industries in the beauty scene. “The fact that people like the Kardashians made even a single dollar with zero actual talent is all the proof I need that this world is doomed,” a respondent writes.

I mean, to each his own. I did just order my newest swimsuit from Good American.

5. Astrology Fans

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Have you ever been asked the age-old question, what’s your sign? After answering, did someone explain the intricacies and meanings behind every life decision you’ve ever made and your personality traits? Several individuals claim that astrology and zodiac sign fans belong to a more sinister cult affiliated with pseudoscience.

I don’t know… I like astrology personally.

6. Tesla Owners

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Tesla fanatics worship Elon Musk and believe he cannot harm anything or anyone just because he invented an electric car company and is the CEO of Twitter.

“I love the car, but the company and its CEO make me sick to my stomach sometimes. I’d go with a different brand if superchargers weren’t so convenient. People make a lot of false correlations thinking that I just love Musk when in reality, I’d rather talk about anyone else,” share one person.

They go on, “It gets so bad sometimes that when I’m at a supercharger minding my own, other Tesla drivers will often walk up to my window to just talk about Musk,” a Tesla owner who doesn’t worship Musk shares.

7. Politics

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“Parties promise and never deliver, but people keep voting them over and over, forgetting what happened and hoping the future will be different,” a contributor says. Several people agreed with this belief, arguing politics shouldn’t be reduced to picking the lesser of two evils but rather eliminate the evil and elect the good.


8. Stephen King Fans

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Stephen King is a great horror writer, but his work has some questionable titles, like most writers. A bibliophile expresses that most Stephen King fans he encounters shun anyone who airs any opinion about the Maine-based writer.

Speaking of Steven King, have you been to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, where The Shining (1980) was filmed? It is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world.

9. Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that operates without any banks or third-party involvement. Users flock to cryptocurrency due to the absence of authority over funds; however, most people involved in cryptocurrency need help explaining the basics. 

10. Academia

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This account comes from a current Ph.D. student. The Ph.D. candidate explains academia is similar to an MLM, with the promise of a better life and establishing a great job.

They say academia is the closest thing to a cult because they encounter mid-30-year-olds in their 20th year of school without any money to their name and overworking in mediocre jobs to make ends meet so they can pursue their academic goals. Do you agree with this list?

This thread inspired this article.


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