10 Things Travelers Regret Most: Don’t Let This Be You

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Traveling can be an extremely educational and exciting experience, no matter where you go. However, sometimes we don’t have the best foresight and leave our trip feeling regretful—for whatever reason. Avoid making these mistakes so you have a smooth and enjoyable trip.

1. Not Saving or Budgeting

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These days, there are travel hacks for almost everything that help you save money while traveling. But there are still some things visitors to a new destination want to splurge on. Look at your finances beforehand to make the most of your trip so you don’t feel restrained.

2. Focusing On Tourist Spots

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It’s unfair to call all tourist hubs “tourist traps,” but many are overpriced and overcrowded. Although some are iconic bucket list places (like the Hollywood Sign or the Eiffel Tower), some of the best parts of a new (to you) city are found off the beaten path. 

3. Not Traveling Internationally

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There’s comfort and security when we stick to the places, cultures, and way of life we know. But many of the most exhilarating experiences come from stepping outside our comfort zone and learning about other parts and people of the world. Don’t be afraid to explore!

4. Avoiding Tours

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Sure, tours cost extra and typically cover the most popular places or landmarks. But going on a tour also gives you insight into local history and culture, thanks to knowledgeable tour guides and museum docents. Plus, you’ll support local organizations, which is excellent for everyone. 

5. Sticking To The Hotel

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Many hotels and resorts offer amenities that don’t require you to leave the property. But what are you gaining by laying poolside or cooped up in your room all day? Experiences happen out in life, after all. 

6. Lack of Research

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Some travelers can wing it and go where the wind takes them. Most travelers, though, need to do at least a little bit of planning. Look up ticket and hotel accommodations, but you also want to research things like local currency conversion, cell phone, and data service.

7. Not Learning Local History

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Each destination is unique, with its own culture and historical significance. As tourists, we often think of the place we’re visiting as a vacation spot. There are always museums, local landmarks, and organizations in each city that can offer insight into the city’s history.

8. Extra Travel Fees

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Traveling can get expensive, especially international plane tickets. It’s always best to double-check (and triple-check) your ticket information and itinerary to ensure you know the dates and times you’re traveling. Otherwise, you may be faced with some pricey cancellation or booking fees. 

9. Not Packing Appropriate Clothing

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This relates to researching and knowing what time of the year you’re planning your trip. You also want a general idea of the activities you want to do, as sandals will only get you so far on a 10-mile hike. Packing light is always ideal, but don’t forget essentials just to avoid baggage fees. 

10. Waiting To Travel

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Across the board, many travelers regret waiting to start traveling until they are older. For some, it is due to not having enough money saved or waiting on friends to be available, but the time spent sitting at home is time you could devote to globetrotting.

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