Keep Safe: 12 Things To Consider and Prepare for During and After a Tornado

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If you’ve ever been blindsided by a tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster, this article will sadly resonate with you. If not, then take notes. As a non-native Oklahoman living in Oklahoma, I’m learning what it means to be a “prepper.” Because when a natural disaster strikes, you better have your ducks in a row.

1. You Might Not Get a Warning

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When tornados strike, sometimes there is little to no warning. So, know that you might not hear a warning siren or only have seconds to act and take shelter.

It’s not as romantic as the movies make it look. Have a plan on where you’re going to shelter in case of a tornado.

2. Have a “Bug-Out” Bag Prepared

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We always have a “bug-out bag” in our storm shelter. The bag has granola bars, bottled water, a lighter, matches, a handheld radio, a phone charger, a mini first aid kit, flashlights, blankets, shoes, socks, undergarments, money, a dog leash, a dog collar, dog food, toilet paper, and two ponchos. We also have a multi-tool. You can make your own bag, but make sure the basics are covered in case the house goes – Heaven forbid.

3. Don’t Forget Closed-Toed Shoes

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During a tornado event, remember to take shelter with closed-toed shoes on because you will want them walking around the rubble after the storm clouds part. I keep a pair in our storm shelter/closet.

4. There Won’t Be Power

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After the storm strikes, be it a tornado, derecho, or straight-line winds, count on not having power… for days. That’s right. Have a backup plan. Better yet, have a generator.

Even in the most populated places, it can take weeks to regain power, which can be scary and stressful if you’re unprepared.

5. There Will Be Fuel Shortages

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Speaking of having a generator, be sure to have fuel cans already purchased for quick fueling after the emergency because there will be fuel shortages. And if you don’t already have yours, good luck finding gas tanks in stores, along with everyone else, post the storm event.

6. Stores Will Be Closed

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Have supplies stocked and stored at your house. Be sure always to have bottled water and non-perishable foods because the stores will not be open when the power goes out.

7. Have Flashlights and Batteries

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It’s always good to have flashlights and batteries around the house, but it is crucial to see what’s happening during a power outage. You don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark.

8. Have a Backup Fuel Source To Prepare Food

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Having a camp stove with camp propane stored during natural disasters is a good idea. At least you can heat canned goods and make coffee to have some creature comforts.

9. Store Pet Food


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Be sure to have pet food for your furry loved ones. After riding out one too many storms in Oklahoma, I always have at least two bags of food in the closet. You never know.

10. Have Medical Supplies

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Have ample medicine in case roadways are blocked, your car gets damaged, or stores are closed. Also, have a basic first aid kit at your house or in your bug-out bag.

11. Get a Chainsaw

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Buy and learn how to use a chainsaw safely. You might be the only one in the neighborhood that can cut your way out.

12. Have a Handheld Radio

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Buy a handheld radio that is crank or solar-operated so you have access to weather emergencies when the power, cell towers, or news stations stop streaming.

We were recently in a bad storm, and the cell towers were knocked out, and we couldn’t stream the news during a tornado event. That’s why I’m sharing this to help you plan.

Be Patient and Keep Calm

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Know that after a natural disaster, it will take time for help to arrive. That’s why it’s best to do what you can to be as prepared as possible during a disaster. Have a backup plan for shelter, food, water, and electricity. Shelter in place if it’s safe; if not, you must leave your home.

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