Travel Savvy: Do These 14 Travel Hacks To Elevate Your Adventures

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Do you want to become a more efficient traveler? Deciding to travel is the first step in any adventure, but how you plan, proceed with, and execute your trip is another thing entirely.

Fortunately, this list of wanderlust wisdom should make it all easier. It’s a compilation of 14 hacks from an online travel community, helping others embark on their escapades and travel like a pro.

1. Don’t Leave Packing to the Last Minute

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This one might seem obvious, but plenty of people still leave their packing to the last minute. Take it from someone who has procrastinated on this job until just hours before a flight – it’s not worth the stress. Besides, packing should be a fun part of the process. Starting earlier lets you enjoy before the adventure starts.

2. Carry Cash and Exchange In Advance

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If you’re off to a more adventurous destination, you’ll want to carry cash in advance in case there are no easily accessible ATMs upon your arrival. The same can be said for exchanging your money. Often, airports are the most expensive place to do this, so it’s best to visit a bank or credit union before departure.

3. Clean the House Before You Travel

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Several people online chimed in on this hack as one of the best things they’d ever done for their post-travel self. The idea behind this hack is that travelers often return home late in the evening, and coming home to a messy living space can be stressful. So, by cleaning before you leave, you won’t feel guilty about falling into bed and tackling unpacking later.

4. Meal Prep Before Travel

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One shared, “Make a simple meal and freeze it. After all the eating out, some homemade soup, or whatever you find comfort in, is great to heat up and enjoy.”

Other commenters agreed, and a few mentioned that they set up a grocery delivery order for the day after they returned from travel. Of course, no one wants to go to the grocery store after vacation!

5. Travel with Only a Carry-On

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One would think in 2023, the airlines would have a better grasp on technology. Sadly, lost luggage is still a thing, and the best way to avoid having your luggage lost or misplaced is by keeping it with you.

6. Bring Ear Buds or Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Everyone agreed that at some point during your travels, you’ll want a little quiet. Whether that time comes on a plane or in a hotel room, it never hurts to keep noise-canceling headphones on hand.

I also use an app or physical sound machine to block out noise when trying to sleep.

7. Bring an Empty Water Bottle through TSA Check Points

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Several commenters mentioned saving on those expensive airport prices by using refillable water bottles. Take them through security without any liquids and fill them up after arriving at your gate.

Others also stated that ice is not a liquid and have never had problems going through security with ice.

8. Purchase a D-Ring Clip for Multiple Uses


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Often found in a baby aisle at big box stores, a D-ring clip is advertised for parents to clip baby bags onto strollers. However, it can also hold several grocery bags at once, attach items to carry-on bags, or secure purses to chairs, strollers, or shopping carts. It’s the travel essential you didn’t know you needed!

9. Pack Zip-Top Bags for Travel

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Zip-top bags have many uses when it comes to travel. They can hold dirty clothes, keep electronics from being exposed to moisture, or bring home leftovers. Never leave home without one.

10. Pack an Extra Bag for Souvenirs

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Like the zip-top bag concept, commenters shared that packing an extra bag (such as a collapsible duffel) for souvenirs or other items purchased during travel was helpful. Though they may have had to pay for a checked bag, it cost them less than shipping items home, especially from international travel.

11. Have a Medicine Stash

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It can be easy to remember prescriptions when packing but less to remember to bring the basics. Medication for headaches, nausea, indigestion, nasal spray, cough, and colds can be expensive if you make a last-minute purchase in the airport or hotel lobby.

12. Invest in Clear or TSA Pre-Check

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American travelers, especially ones with children, should consider investing in Clear or TSA Pre-Check for airline travel. The security lines are typically shorter, and children are covered under the registered adults until twelve.

13. Make Photocopies of Important Documents

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From driver’s licenses to passports to hotel confirmations, make photocopies of these important travel documents. Should you lose them, it may expedite the replacement process to have a copy of the original with you.

14. Roll Clothing to Maximize Space

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Finally, no matter how you are traveling, maximizing space is essential. Consider rolling clothing tightly to maximize space in luggage, whether it’s the trunk of a car or an airplane carry-on. Wear bulkier clothing in the car or onto the plane. This will help avoid having multiple bags to carry everything.

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