The Stuff of Nightmares: 7 People Share Their Scariest Paranormal Experiences

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Life sometimes comes down to a binary idea, and one of these is, “Do you believe in ghosts?” A 2021 Ipsos poll found that one-third of Americans believe in ghosts or UFOs. Some people are sharing their scariest paranormal encounters in an online discussion. Here are some harrowing events alleged by several individuals. I am nervous already…

1. Remote Village Holy Man Knows Too Much

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An Indian citizen recalls an incident as a child when his mother stopped off in a remote village temple to offer some prayers on a road trip. When summoned by the head priest, he and his mother entered a small room. “I was shell-shocked,” says the commenter. “He was totally high on energy and was moving fervently.”

Before long, the shaman shouted a litany of truths he shouldn’t have known about the boy before screaming at the deity photo and garlands on the wall.

“Every garland literally plummeted down,” recalls the thread poster. Finally, he left the scene, astonished and terrified that this remote holy man would know so much about him. However, that wouldn’t scare me as much as the shaman’s poltergeist move.

2. Going Home

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A gentleman recalls how his parents adopted an eight-year-old girl — let’s call her Faye — who had suffered many years of abject trauma. Sadly, his new sister was “developmentally disabled.”

As she grew up, her medication took a severe toll on her organs, and the family braced itself for her departure. Having decided to unite for an early Christmas holiday, the commenter describes his mother’s surprise at something she’d seen over the past three days. “Three deceased mourning doves on the doorstep,” says the man.

After Faye passed, the mortician presented her ashes to the devastated family in an urn. To each family member’s shock, the urn had a symbolic design featuring three white doves. Even stranger was the mortician’s description of the urn: “Going Home.”

3. Goodnight, Grandpa

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Someone shares how their cousin woke up to use the bathroom one night and swore their grandpa was waiting for her in the hallway. “She asked him why he was there, and he smiled and touched his heart, waved to her, and disappeared — just like that.”

Her sister woke the next day to hear their mother crying downstairs with their grandmother, who informed them their grandpa had died at 4 am — the exact time her sister had seen him. “Grandma said that she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up,” adds the commenter, “but my aunt said that she must have dreamt it.”

4. All Washed Up

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Two friends were swimming in the ocean when one saw what looked like a long red-haired woman’s lifeless body floating face-down in the water nearby. Freaked out, they left the water. His friend’s roommate, a defense attorney, revealed that 12 years before, he represented a colleague who was arrested after his wife’s dead body washed up on a beach.

To their shock, it was in front of the very condo they occupied. The victim’s description was stunning: “He said she had long red hair … and was found lying face down on the beach.” Gulp.

5. A Beautiful Stranger

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One woman stayed in a hotel where the service staff refused to enter her room, as the room held a dark secret — a vague legend about a “beautiful stranger” who would visit the rooms. During her stay, she claims doors and curtains closed without warning; the room service attendant swore it wasn’t her.

The woman was so scared she asked her God-fearing parents to come and stay with her. After one night, her parents refused to stay another night and left with haunted expressions, her father stating, “We will not be staying with you in this hotel.”

6. 19th-Century Visitors

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A short trip to Northern Ireland resulted in one lady encountering terrifying moments at her future spouse’s home. As they stood outside the front door, bidding farewell to his mom, she said, “I felt two hands firmly plant themselves on my shoulders/upper back, and I got pushed so hard I went flying through the doorway.”

Moreover, when she slept that night, she awoke to find two spirits floating above her and laughing. “They looked like they were from the mid-1800s,” she recalls. Her mother-in-law sold the house soon after.

7. Grandma’s Last Call

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Finally, when a woman’s grandmother was living her last days in the hospital, she visited with her infant child to say a tearful goodbye. However, that same night, she received a phone call. “It was my grandma’s voice,” she recalls, “but I knew she could not make a phone call.”

After calling the hospital, she discovered her grandma had passed an hour after she left. She describes her shock. “The only ones who knew were those with her at the time.”

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