12 TV Shows About Living off the Grid That Make It Look More Tempting Everyday

Mountain Men (2012)

In recent years, many Americans have shown an interest in prepping or preparing for a major emergency or natural disaster. They have also shown an interest in getting back to basics and living a subsistence lifestyle. A segment of the population already lives “off the grid.” If escaping from the modern world appeals to you, these shows are a great way to learn more about an alternative way of life.

1. Sarah Off The Grid (2017-)

Sarah Off The Grid

Image Credit:  HGTV.

Sarah Richardson, her husband, and two daughters spent a year building their off the grid dream home. Viewers can see firsthand how her hidden country house was constructed from start to finish. Richardson’s expertise is displayed as a designer with HGTV Canada and a general contractor. She also receives help along the way from other HGTV Canada personalities.

2. Mountain Men (2012-)

Mountain Men

Image Credit: Warm Springs Productions.

Mountain Men documents the lives of several men and their families who live in and around different mountain ranges throughout the United States. These men of the mountains are experts in surviving in the wilderness and living off the land despite harsh weather conditions. Hunting, animal trapping, and tanning are just a few examples of the routine activities of their outdoor lifestyles.

3. Live Free or Die (2014-2016)

Live Free or Die

Image Credit: The National Geographic Channel.

Going off the grid is taken to the extremes in this series, which follows people who have disregarded modern conveniences such as electricity and running water in favor of self-reliance and living off the land. This lifestyle requires only using natural materials or items they can trade. Money and material possessions aren’t essential for those who have adopted this approach.

4. Love Off the Grid (2022-)

Love Off the Grid

Image Credit: Sharp Entertainment.

Romance meets wilderness living in this unique reality show. A person who lives off the grid is matched with someone who enjoys the conveniences of modern life. The test is to see if the couple can find common ground with each other and develop a relationship, despite their drastically different lifestyles. It’s an interesting take on the idea that opposites attract.

5. Off the Grid, On the Beach (2019-)

Off the Grid On the Beach

Image Credit: HGTV.

Couples looking to escape from their hectic surroundings decide to search for the houses of their dreams. The upshot is that their new homes must be located in isolated beach areas in all parts of the world. This show looks closely at some of the most exclusive and gorgeous beachfront properties. This is going off the grid in a relatively upscale way.

6. Building Alaska (2012-)

Building Alaska

Image Credit: Orson Entertainment Ltd.

For fans of do-it-yourself programs, Building Alaska allows audiences to watch teams of builders construct incredible cabins and lodges in some of the most desolate regions of the state. In addition to the long workdays and harsh weather conditions, the construction crews must rely on their creativity to contend with the lack of amenities like roads and building supply stores.

7. Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West (2001)

Pioneer Quest A Year in the Real West

Image Credit: History Television Public Broadcasting System.

Going off the grid is one thing. Going off the grid relying only on the materials and technology available during the 1870s is going off the grid times ten. Two couples spend an entire year living as settlers did back then, building houses for themselves, raising animals, and growing their food while dealing with the challenges of each season and weather conditions.

8. Life Below Zero (2013-)

Life Below Zero

Image Credit: BBC Studios.

Anyone who has ever had a curiosity about life in the most distant regions of “The Last Frontier” must watch this show. For the full-time Alaskans in these areas, the temperatures rarely go above freezing, if ever. And that’s the least of the challenges they face. Dangerous storms, limited resources, social isolation, and wild predators just feet from their doorsteps are parts of their daily lives.

9. Unplugged Nation (2015-)

Unplugged Nation

Image Credit: FYI.

If unplugging your family from the world, even for a brief time, sounds like something you’d like to try, then you’d appreciate Unplugged Nation. Each episode features a different family temporarily moving from their urban homes and plugged-in lifestyles into remote locations where they experience a simpler but more adventurous way of living.

10. Beyond the Grid (2017-)

Beyond the Grid

Image Credit: Eastmans’.

Not to be confused with the Formula One racing show F1: Beyond the Grid, this series traces the activities of fair chase hunters and their practices during their respective hunting seasons. Some of the hunters use rifles, while others use bows and arrows. This is an excellent show to learn more about the habits and tactics of these outdoor experts.

11. Building Off the Grid (2014-)

Building Off the Grid

Image Credit: DIY Network.

People who live off the grid do so for various reasons, such as connecting with nature, streamlining their lives, or sustainability. Every episode of this program offers a glimpse into the lives of the different groups, individuals, and families who’ve made this change in the way they live. Each week, viewers see how each group builds unique homes that meet their needs.

12. Building Off the Grid: Big Sky Ranch (2016-)

Building Off the Grid: Big Sky Ranch

Image Credit: Apple TV.

This spinoff series of Building Off the Grid features a family of three whose pursuit of a less digitally connected life leads them to move to Montana and build a self-sustaining ranch from the ground up. The family encounters their share of hardships related to the state’s brutal winters, yet they still make their dreams come true through it all.

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