14 Unique Things Showcasing America’s Awesomeness According to a Brit

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I lived in the States for three years, visiting many other times before then. As a young Englander, I was bowled over by the size of everything and the variety on display. Moreover, I came to appreciate how some American systems work. For example, I love the free tennis courts and great trail networks that link outdoor spaces.

America holds a formidable reputation for reasons that can be both good and bad. Some well-known U.S. icons include the bald eagle, Route 66, and unbeatable barbecue cuisine. Here are 14 further factors Americans should be proud of.

1. Public Libraries

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During the digital age, libraries have become underrated, but several people share how resourceful they can be. Borrowing books is just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on the town, one can also attend educational workshops, get help sorting your taxes or applying for jobs, attain seeds for gardening, and borrow tools for work around the house.

2. Drive-Through Banking

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Imagine visiting the bank from the comfort of your car. That’s exactly what drive-through banking facilities offer. Convenient, straightforward, and efficient, this practice first began in Chicago in 1946. 

3. It’s Easier To Get Things Done

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One European says this about the USA: “WiFi is freely available and I never had a problem paying with cards. It is easier to get things done.”

4. Country Wide 911

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“Country wide 911 and emergency response systems. No matter where you are in the country (aside from out in the boonies where you have no cell service), you are only ever a phone call away from help.” This is true.

5. The Interstate System

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“Despite being pro-public transport, I really applaud Eisenhower’s interstate system.” While roads are not an American invention (although traffic circles are), America’s vast interstate network is inspiring — few countries of such size are so readily connected.

6. Double Jeopardy Protection

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“I was alarmed to find out that our protection against double jeopardy is not standard among Western nations,” claims a viewer online.

The idea that you can be tried twice for the same crime is common in most European states but not so strict in the U.K., the Netherlands, and Germany. “Kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a trial by jury in the first place,” agrees another patriot.

7. Late-Night Convenience

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Although many chains halted this privilege during the worldwide panic of 2020, America still offers late-night convenience stores, takeout joints, and services. Being from the U.K. means most stores, cafes, or bars are shuttered by 11:00 pm. 

8. Sunday Trading Wins

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One American declares that “stores being open on Sundays” is equally useful as the late-night Walmart dream. I am on the fence about this dichotomy: on the one hand, Sundays are a great time to stock up before the week ahead. However, an official day of rest may slow the economy, but it means people can focus on relaxing with family or friends.


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Nobody can argue with NASA’s work — except “Flat-Earthers,” perhaps. “The best thing the Soviets ever did was beat us in the Space Race and motivate NASA to be the top dog,” declares one star-gazing enthusiast.

10. Bottomless Drinks

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“Free drink refills at every restaurant” is our next blunt response. While I am a fan of the never-ending soda while eating my Five-Guys, I am on the fence about this. One could easily consume their daily calorie intake on the free drinks alone — though I defend anybody’s right to enjoy this consumer perk.

11. The American Disabilities Act

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A web designer explains how American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements necessary for their working process can be laborious. However, they welcome the challenge “because there are virtually no financial incentives to make websites accessible for blind and low-vision individuals.”

12. The United States Postal Service

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A Massachusetts resident in the USA bemoans how people who go online to complain but “Don’t understand how good we have it compared to a lot of the world.” You tell them, soldier. There is no postal service in many other parts of the world – and if there is, you can’t trust it.

13. Team America

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The comments came with red, white, and blue pride further down the thread. “I’m not the least bit worried about our neighboring countries posing a threat to us,” says a confident patriot. I wouldn’t argue with that, though some people do: “Not even Canada?” responds someone. “They’re so polite; they can slip in unnoticed!”

14. National Parks

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Yeah, yeah — we all know about your amazing national parks. Stop rubbing our faces in it with your snow-covered Yosemite time-lapses and golden-hour Monument Valley shots. “I would throw in Wilderness Areas, too,” adds a nature lover. “They are massive swaths of land that are completely preserved forever.”

Okay, maybe I’m jealous.

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