From Skeptic to Believer: My Personal Experience in a Psychic Class

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Have you ever wondered what learning how to control your psychic abilities would be like? Have you ever thought about exploring your spiritual side and discovering whether it’s possible to communicate with the unseen?

Well, I recently had that same urge, so when I heard of a psychic development class in my local area, I jumped at the chance to attend – and it was not what I expected. Instead, it was more profound than I had thought it would be. I went from skeptic to believer.

The Class Was an Eye Opening Experience

Little did I know that this experience would be truly eye-opening and leave me questioning everything I thought I knew about connecting with things I couldn’t touch or see. I’ve always been one to trust my gut, but after this class, I’ll trust it even more.

Here Is What We Did

As six of us sat in a circle, our instructor began teaching the class how to develop and use our intuitive powers in everyday life. She explained how energy works and how it affects everything around us on an unseen level.

I only knew the person I went with to the class and the instructor. The other people were strangers.

The instructor gave us a brief overview of what we would do. She said that all (or most) people have a sixth sense and can see without their eyes. She explained that most people have learned to block their gift due to cultural and societal norms.

The First Exercise

In the first exercise, the teacher, a psychic medium herself, asked us to write what we thought of each group member in a notebook. Next, she asked each person to get up and walk around the middle of the circle. Then, we were to write again what we felt or thought about that person after watching them walk around the circle.

Guess The Object

For the next exercise, the teacher passed around an envelope with another paper inside. We were all supposed to guess the color of the paper inside by feeling our intuition.

Next, the teacher passed around an envelope stuffed with an object inside, and we were supposed to describe what we thought was inside. These types of activities went on for a few more rounds.

The Blindfolds Came Out

Next, we were all blindfolded. Our instructor explained that when one of our primary senses is compromised (sight, taste, touch, feel, hear), the other ones are heightened. So, after spending an hour with the group, we were blindfolded and repeated a series of exercises to tap into our intuition. Shockingly, many people were guessing things correctly they would have no way of knowing or seeing!

The real fun started when each of us had to sit in the middle of the circle blindfolded, and we had to guess which person was tapping us on the shoulder from behind. Everyone took their shoes off, so we couldn’t assume by hearing the person’s steps walking up to us.

I surprisingly guessed everyone in the group correctly! Next, we had to guess people’s whispers from all directions around the room. This was a little harder, but still, I got most correct.

Everything we were being taught was to tap into our intuition. And it was surprisingly enlightening – and fun.

Give a Stranger a Reading

At the very end, we had to partner with someone we didn’t know and give them a “reading.” We had to tell them what we thought of them, the type of person they were, and any other things that came to mind.

Again, the activity was surprising; most of us were right on the money with our assessment of each other.

So, what did this mean? Was it coincidence? Or judgement? They say not to “judge a book by its cover,” meaning people, but maybe that’s not good advice…

Trust Your Gut

Through a brief guided meditation, multiple self-reflection exercises, visualization techniques, and group discussions, my experience with a psychic development class was exciting.

Learning how to explore my inner potential, as well as the unique gifts that all of us have, gave me a newfound confidence in trusting the decisions I make every day.

The class taught me powerful lessons about trusting my intuition and leveraging the power of energetic connections. It was unlike anything else I had ever experienced in the sense that it was completely validating.

I have watched many shows online that talk about psychics and people being able to view and see different places remotely (remote viewing). It is interesting to think that all it might take is to practice developing this intuition and that we all have the ability to tap into our sixth sense.

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