Redefining the Unknown: 12 Provocative Perspectives on Cryptozoology

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Cryptozoology is a craze with ample fascination. According to one survey run in 2020, 11% of Americans believe Bigfoot is real.

Indeed, when it comes to cryptids, all manner of speculation and theories circulate on the web. Read on for a showdown that redefines the unknown as believers and non-believers from one online forum share their provocative perspectives and hot takes. 

1. Our Mind Often Plays Tricks On Us

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The first user raises a valid point: “The human brain isn’t a computer making perfect copies of what happened.” Our minds and memories can be deceiving. Therefore, “witnesses (may) believe what they saw was true, but that doesn’t mean it reflects reality at all.”

How much can we trust what we see, especially when in a state of panic?

2. The Internet Doesn’t Help 


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The digital age has many positives, but misinformation is certainly one con. Some videos are obviously fake given their low quality, but as tech gets more advanced and savvy, it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate.

3. Some Lesser Known Cryptids May Exist

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“There’s actually a lot of feasible cryptids, they just get drowned out by the big-name ones, or the weird ones,” writes one commenter. Rather than believing in well-known cryptids like Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, this respondent thinks it’s more likely that lesser-known “cryptids” like leftover DoDo birds, giant anacondas, and the trinity Alps giant salamander exist.

4. You Need To Be a Skeptic

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Some people believe everyone should be skeptical of cryptid sightings, even if they believe in cryptids. “If you believe in all cryptids without evidence, you look kooky,” they add. Others confirm this is an unpopular opinion amongst cryptid groups and say they’ve been banned from some online forums for sharing this belief.

5. Witness Sightings of Cryptids Aren’t Proof

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Many replies on the thread argue that witness sightings of cryptids should never be considered evidence that they exist. Psychology shows that the human mind can create false memories and that we often fill in the gaps with our assumptions. So just because your grandmother refuses to back down about her sighting of the Sasquatch twenty years ago doesn’t mean you should believe her.

6. Underwater Cryptids Seem More Realistic Than Others

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Some of those who deny the existence of land cryptids like Mothman or Chupacabra wholeheartedly believe that aquatic cryptids like the Loch Ness Monster and the Bermuda Beast could be real. That’s because of how vast and unexplored the ocean remains. Scientists discover new creatures lurking in the depths all the time. That leads many to believe cryptids are hiding below the waves.

7. Bigfoot Is Blurry

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Have you ever read a news story about a local bigfoot sighting that displays a blurry photo of a vague figure as proof? While many people think these photos don’t provide any evidence whatsoever of Bigfoot’s existence, one respondent says they believe Bigfoot is often blurry in images because the creature himself is blurry in real life.

8. Mothman Isn’t a Cryptid

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The infamous Mothman cryptid was first sighted in West Virginia in 1966 when residents of Point Pleasant began to see a strange, human-like winged beast around town. While Mothman is traditionally categorized as a cryptid, some people think he should be classified as a paranormal entity because of his connection to bad omens and terrifying events that follow his sightings.

9. Most People Don’t Know What Cryptids Truly Are

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“Everyone who wants to dabble in this field really needs to educate themselves on what a cryptid actually is. I feel like 90% of people don’t even know what the term means,” writes one user. Another commenter elaborates that some people see cryptozoology as a biological phenomenon, while others see it as paranormal.

10. Cryptids Must Be Real

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One responded wholeheartedly thinks that cryptids must be real because “our world is far weirder than we have been led to believe.” They argue that humans can’t know everything about the world and that cryptids are a mystery that we may never solve. But they genuinely believe many cryptids do exist.

11. It’s Good When Cryptid Sightings Are Disproven

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While many cryptid believers are discouraged when Bigfoot sightings turn out to be mountain lions, others argue it’s helpful when sightings are disproven. The overarching goal in any mysterious sighting is to discover the truth, after all.

12. Where Are All the Chicken Cryptids?

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One commenter wishes the lore contained more chicken cryptids. Other users claim there are some chicken cryptids, like “Chicken Boo” and the “El Reno Chicken Man.” But the original commenter still believes there should be more chicken-like monsters in cryptozoology.

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