America’s Next Boomtowns: 14 Cities Set To Skyrocket in Growth According to Locals

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Annual moves to new towns and cities aren’t unusual for Americans. Understandably, people want to get ahead of the curve and find the urban gems that aren’t yet overcrowded.

If you’re one of those currently contemplating your next relocation, this list of cities expected to skyrocket in growth might help. These are potentials selected by U.S. citizens. 

1. Huntsville, Alabama

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The city of Huntsville seems to be a top pick, with one person dubbing it “the next Nashville.” It even ranked first in one U.S. News & World Report in 2022 as the best place to live in the United States.

2. Albany, New York

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Another person claims Albany is “the next Silicon Valley.” New York State has many things going for it, such as the Empire State Plaza located downtown. 

3. Detroit, Michigan


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I remember visiting Detroit in the mid-2000s and was disappointed by the city’s apparent lack of anything pleasing to the eye. However, in recent years, Detroit has returned to the right path. “Visited it a decade ago, and it was run down,” reports one man. “Visited it a couple of months ago, and downtown Detroit is thriving again with tech and the arts.”

4. San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio has enjoyed plenty of growth for years — and people there know why. The city’s dedication to its beautification is unparalleled. From San Antonio’s iconic riverfront to making tourism a priority, these features make it a very appealing destination for any American looking to make a move.

5. Columbus, Ohio

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Sometimes further growth can be predicted by statistics. One enterprising resident declares Columbus will be the next tech hub, leading to significant growth. “It’s currently the fourth-largest city in the country,” he explains.

“One of Amazon’s four U.S. data centers is in Columbus. Google is building its third Columbus data center now. Facebook has a data center in Columbus. Intel is building the world’s largest chip prefab plant in Columbus. Population growth has been a solid 1-2% annually for decades.” Move over, Silicon Valley. It is Columbus’ time is now!

6. Kansas City, Missouri

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Millions of dollars have recently been spent revitalizing Kansas City’s downtown area, leading to many happy residents. The city seems to be positioned as a family destination, which helps its appeal. But, of course, it also helps that their NFL team has been so dominant lately — who wouldn’t want to move there and cheer on the Chiefs?

7. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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While South Dakota isn’t the state you’d necessarily expect to experience exploding population growth anytime soon, one resident is convinced his city is the next to blow up. “We haven’t been able to build housing fast enough for years, but now we can,” he reports. “There’s no state tax, a low cost of living, and a strong job market enticing people despite the weather.”

8. Fort Worth, Texas

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Millions are already moving out of heavily taxed states like California to enjoy the less-taxed lifestyle Texas offers, and Fort Worth can easily benefit from that. In addition, its sister city of Dallas is already one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, so, logically, Fort Worth will be next in line to experience explosive population growth.

9. Atlanta, Georgia

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Although Atlanta is one of the most populated cities in the United States, there’s still plenty of room for growth. “I predict Atlanta will become monstrous in the future,” explains one expert.

“Once the flood insurance bottom falls out in Florida, coastal home values will collapse, and people will look to move inward to safe — but recognizably similar — cities. I think Atlanta could be one of a few benefactors from this. It’s already growing at an intense pace as is.”

10. Charleston, South Carolina

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Is there any surprise that people will want to flock to a seaside town that enjoys perfect weather year-round? While Charleston has seen growth in the last decade, more and more people are looking to move to one of the few remaining hidden gems on the U.S. East Coast.

11. Duluth, Minnesota

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According to many residents, Duluth is quietly undergoing a cultural transformation that will make the city known nationwide for its food and craft beer scene. This forward-thinking by the town will undoubtedly go a long way to entice young professionals and families to want to move to states in the Midwest.

12. Portland, Maine

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Living in one of the quietest parts of the United States appeals to many people. As a result, Portland, Maine, has positioned itself for future growth. “It’s already getting expensive but shows no sign of slowing down,” explains one resident. “It’s a beautiful, clean, and hip place with a tiny population for its list of amenities. Not to mention many of the Casco Bay islands have city water and electricity.”

13. Tulsa, Oklahoma

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With a lower cost of living than many places in the U.S., Tulsa is appealing. It’s a beautiful city. The downtown and midtown areas have trendy local restaurants, shops, music venues, and other hip cultural venues.

14. Grand Junction, Colorado

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With a thriving outdoor scene away from the hustle and bustle of Denver, it’s easy to see why people want to escape to Grand Junction. With more and more people discovering it, along with the explosion of remote work, it’s an attractive place to live.

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