True Ghost and Paranormal Experiences: Are You a Believer?

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When it comes to all things paranormal, do you consider yourself a believer or skeptic? The ones who believe may do so from personal experience. Meanwhile, cynics and doubters might need more evidence or are reluctant due to their own fear.

Whatever your stance on the supernatural, there’s no denying much remains unexplained. Fortunately, members from an inquiring online forum share real-life ghost stories and their thoughts on the supernatural.

True Story: December 31, 2013

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A pair of friends passed by an empty house of someone they knew had recently passed away. Their flashlight suddenly went out. Two dogs started barking loudly, frightened, but they noticed the dogs were not barking at them. Suddenly, the gate opened by itself, but there was no wind.

When the dogs ran into the house, they were petrified with fear. The dogs started whining and then fell silent as a window opened itself. That was enough. Both men ran away as fast as they could. As they got further away from the house, their flashlight came back on.

True Story: The 110-Year-Old House

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A woman lived with her son in an ancient house that was 110 years old. She sometimes thought she saw things out of the corner of her eye. One night when her child was six, a door in the kitchen kept “swooshing” open and shut and wouldn’t stop.

Later, the woman called her friends to come over. They found a gas leak in the house, and the woman had no idea. Had the door not scared her, the gas might have overcome her and her son during the night.

True Story: At 4:25 am

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A person shares a story of going to get a glass of water at 4:25 a.m. While looking out the window, they saw a translucent figure walking past their house. The person couldn’t believe their eyes and saw the figure walk up to the park across the street and right through a park bench.

That was enough for her. She now believes in ghosts.

True Story: California

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Two friends broke into an empty farmhouse. That night one of the friends saw an older man wearing coveralls and a red plaid shirt sitting on the edge of their bed when they woke up. The man did nothing except look at them with a blank expression.

They were understandably petrified and told their parents what had happened. Their mom and dad didn’t take it seriously. The next day at work, the girl’s mother told a co-worker what her daughter had seen, and the co-worker told her that the description fit the man who used to live in the farmhouse because he knew him.

The man never appeared again.

True Story: Creepy Board Games

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One man shares that he believes in ghosts because he and a group of friends used a planchette to communicate with a spirit. They spent two sessions that were twenty minutes long asking the spirit or spirits questions, and they got answers that were specific and appropriate.

Since then, this man believes.

True Story: The Crowd

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Alex was working late at night and frequently had to walk home alone. While walking home through the park, taking a shortcut, she saw a man coming after her, and then suddenly, he stopped following her. This strange thing happened about four times, with the man always turning back before he got too close to her. Then, a few minutes later, he approached her again, and she got frightened.

She saw a report about a man the police brought in on serious charges. Alex went to the police to report the same man for following her. When she saw him at the station, she asked him why he hadn’t hurt her.

He replied because of all the people who were with you. She responded that she was alone. He responded that a crowd around her was shouting at him to leave her alone and that they would hurt him if he bothered her. He finally left.


True Story: Do They Want to Help?

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Could it be that ghosts are people trying to help? One respondent believes that this is the truth.

While preparing for her father’s funeral, she had trouble making a video to honor her father. Frustrated, she asks her father for help before bed. In the morning, the next song cued up on Spotify was her father’s favorite song which was perfect for the video.

This person feels that her father had answered her call for help.

True Story: Perhaps a Poltergeist?

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Poltergeists are spirits thought to cause physical disturbances. One paranormal experiencer states that there is so much ghost activity in their home. His mother had objects appear from nowhere, had things playfully tossed at her, and had a spirit whisper in her ear. There was never a dull day in their house.

People’s Thoughts on the Paranormal: Religious Backing?

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One person says that in order to truly broach the subject, we must “Leave the realm of the hard sciences and enter the muddy waters of theory (and) speculation.”

They liken one’s belief in ghosts to that of God, angels, and other entities. Since both are unseen, they require faith. Does having faith in something unseen make it any less real?

A Scientific Argument for Ghosts

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Science is an exciting subject, and yet another forum member reasons that science does not disprove the existence of spirits or other paranormal entities. So many things exist in the universe, like dark matter, that we do not understand.

So how could we be sure that ghosts didn’t exist? There isn’t any proof that consciousness as we know it exists – and could be an illusion. We don’t really know.

The Skeptic

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Trying to use reason to figure out why a ghost couldn’t exist is what one individual attempts to do. He explains that memories are gone once a person’s brain “dies.”

The Time Warp Hypothesis

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Another user brings up a “time warp theory.” Meaning, the structure of time curves and bends as opposed to being linear. With this in mind, they explain that paranormal sightings could occur when a gap or “wormhole” forms to an alternate dimension.

Therefore, what you may be seeing is no ghost at all. Rather, it’s a living person interacting from their own time. “Maybe they see you too,” the user shares. “Maybe they think YOU’RE the ghost!”

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