10 Absolute Can’t Miss States When Traveling Across America 

With 50 states to choose from, the United States offers a wealth of options for travel plans and destinations, but picking one destination can be overwhelming. 

So, to ease your travel planning, here are ten marvelous states to visit, according to frequent travelers. 

10 Absolute Can’t Miss States When You’re Traveling Across America

Many travelers admire the state’s natural beauty with an endless expanse of hikes, sand dunes, clear skies, and unforgettable sunsets amidst the rocks and craters. Travelers often plan to road trip the five national parks in Utah. 

1. Utah

2. Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana, is a hotspot for tourists. As one of the most haunted and historically rich cities in the United States, you won’t run out of sights to see in this Southern town.  

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Everything in the Northern state is expensive, so you want to factor that into travel expenses, but you can’t watch a live brown bear catch its dinner from a train window in any other state.  

3. Alaska

4. New Mexico

“Everyone forgets about New Mexico, but it truly is a hidden gem. The geography is beautiful and diverse, with great weather and incredible food unique to this state..."

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"...I can’t believe more people don’t come here (but I selfishly want to keep it to myself),” a New Mexico fan writes.  

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