10 Best Horror Stories From Multi-Day Hiking Trips

Are you an avid hiker or new to hiking and planning your first trip? While being outdoors can be an enriching experience, it can have hazards and difficulties. 

Recently, a hiker asked a popular outdoor forum online for some real-life hiking horror stories. Adventurers chimed in to share true tales and crazy confessions. 

Best Horror Stories From Multi-Day Hiking Trips

One outdoor enthusiast shared an experience about spending the night in the redwood forest in Northern California and encountering many long-legged black spiders.   The spiders were lining the perimeter of their blanket during the middle of the night, and they were freaked out. 

Spider-Filled Night in California’s Redwood Forest

Green Ant Attack During Outback Fishing Trip

Someone recounted a frightening experience while fishing in Australia’s Northern Territory Outback. They had slept in the back of a Ute car on a blanket under a tree that turned out to be inhabited by green ants. 

Self-Guided Tours

First-Time Camper in Sleeping Giant, Canada Another person talked about their first night camping in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in Canada. The new-to-camping adventurer expressed anxiety about the unfamiliar sounds of the forest at night and their fear of things lurking in the dark. 

Nightmare in Grand Teton National Park

A backpacking trip in Grand Teton National Park became a nightmare for one traveler when they were combated with continuous rain and sleet. 

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