10 Best South Dakota Parks to See This 2023

We are sharing the 10 best national and state parks to visit on your next vacation to South Dakota! There is something special about South Dakota you cannot pinpoint until you visit for the first time.

Most of the state is beautiful prairie land. But, as you travel further west, you start to see the Black Hills from a distance.

10 Best Parks to See in South Dakota This 2023

One of the most iconic memorials in the United States, Mount Rushmore, symbolizes freedom and democracy in America. It is a national treasure.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Jewel Cave National Monument

Did you know Jewel Cave National Monument is the third-largest cave in the world? That’s right. The third-largest cave in the world is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Self-Guided Tours

There are four tour options to choose from, including the scenic tours, discovery talk, and a tour with historic lanterns. Visitors are likely to see bats on the historic lantern tour!

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park is often overlooked when choosing from many other national parks – it is pretty impressive!

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