10 Best Zombie Apocalypse Hideouts in Canada

The most important piece of advice I hear whenever I enter discussions about a potential zombie apocalypse is that you should find a location as remote as possible. 

Recently, someone asked a Canadian online Reddit forum, “What’s the safest place in Canada if there’s a zombie apocalypse?” Well, Canadians came to the thread with their responses ready! 

10 Safest Places To Hide in Canada

The top-rated answer was Oromocto, a small town in New Brunswick. One user who lives in Oromocto suggested his city because of its massive military base “that staffs ~3500 people in a town of 8,000.” 

1. Oromocto, New Brunswick

2. Prince Edward Island

One user suggested Prince Edward Island as an excellent option for a zombie apocalypse because all you’d have to do is blow up the bridge before the zombies arrive. That is unless they figure out how to drive a ferry. 

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“As long as you secure the lone port, you could never see an infection.” Unless… it is airborne.

3. The Magdalen Islands, Quebec

4. North West Ontario

There are many different kinds of terrain to use as protection, plus there are a limited number of roadways in and out of the area. On top of that, there’s ample wildlife for fishing and hunting. 

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Find out the safest places to hide in Canada if there's ever a zombie apocalypse!