10 Most Picturesque National Parks in America According to Social Media

What’s the point of traveling without capturing the perfect “Insta’ pic?” Scenic destinations such as the Grand Canyon likely come to mind as being the most visited and photographed places, but the national park in the U.S. with the most hashtags per acre is Gateway Arch National Park. 

This study provides a great insight into which locations are the most photogenic and can guarantee visitors the ‘perfect Insta pic.'” 

“New Twist” on the Most Instagrammable National Parks in America

Considering the park’s overall size, Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis comes first. The reasoning is that sitting on a little over 90 acres and having over 11,000 tags on Instagram means the likelihood of capturing an epic sharable image, free of crowds, is high. 

1. Gateway Arch National Park – Missouri

Famous for its hoodoos and breathtaking red rock scenic vistas, Bryce Canyon comes in second place. With over 700,000 hashtags and almost 36,000 acres of wide-open spaces, visitors can likely get the perfect picture while visiting. 

2. Bryce Canyon National Park – Utah

Self-Guided Tours

There are miles of trails and roads to explore. If visitors only have one day, they should do the iconic drive to all the overlook vistas. 

3. Acadia National Park – Maine

Acadia makes the list for third place. Encompassing roughly 49,000 acres with over 500,000 tags online, outdoor lovers can enjoy the area’s beauty by touring the park’s famous beaches and peaks. 

Self-Guided Tours

Summer and fall are magical times of year for adventures in this protected national treasure. 

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