10 Most Underrated Small-Midsize Cities in the United States 

California is known for Los Angeles, and New York attracts millions to the Big Apple, but what about those smaller-sized cities still pulling their weight each year in tourism? 

One person on a popular internet forum recently asked, “What are some underrated small-midsize cities in the U.S.?” Here are their suggestions. 

Most Underrated Small-Midsize Cities in the United States

The city offers thousands of eclectic restaurants, close proximity to national parks, affordable housing, and a bustling arts scene.  

1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

2. Knoxville, Tennessee

Instead of heading to the heartland of country music, detour to Knoxville.  

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While staying in this Eastern Tennessean town, visit the Woman Suffrage Memorial for a riveting glimpse into the past, and take a trip to the Sunsphere in World’s Fair Park to witness the city from a golden disco ball. 

3. Greenville, South Carolina

According to several Greenville residents, Greenville is the more affordable Asheville. “It’s an incredibly modern and sophisticated town." 

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"Lots of European manufacturers showed up about 20 years ago and brought their culture and cuisine with them. As a result, there are excellent German, French, and Indian restaurants everywhere,” shares one traveler. 

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