10 Real Life Ghost Stories From People Who Work Around Death

When you work in healthcare and other institutions that experience death, you witness some of the most intense and emotional moments in people’s lives. 

Recently, someone asked workers to share ghost stories in an online supernatural forum. You’ll be shocked at what people shared. 

10 Real Life Ghost Stories

A former security guard at a hospital explained that one night, they encountered a doctor in the surgery wing who didn’t respond to their greeting. 

1. Guard’s Haunting Experience at a Hospital

When the guard later described the encounter to a veteran staff member, they were told that the surgery ward had been closed for hours. The veteran staffer divulged to the guard that the doctor they had seen was likely the ghost of a surgeon who had sadly ended his life on the hospital’s helipad years earlier. 

Self-Guided Tours

Another worker shared that while on a night shift as a junior doctor, they were verifying a death when the patient suddenly lurched forward while checking for signs of life. The event caused everyone to leave the room screaming. 

2. The Terrifying Night Shift

3. Student’s Haunting Experience with Embalming

A student shared a bizarre dream about embalming her still-alive father, which unnerved her classmates. The next day, while working on an elderly lady with severe arthritis, the student experienced a chilling moment when the lady’s body clenched her hand as she was breaking the rigor. 

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