10 Tips and Tricks for Best Camping Practices

Camping is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors. However, following best practices is essential to ensure a safe and efficient trip.  

After someone asked a camping forum online for the best tips and tricks, here are the responses and advice seasoned campers volunteered. 

10 Tips and Tricks for Best Camping Practices

According to many, setting up the rain fly when tent camping is important. Because, as soon as you don’t – it will rain!

1. Rain Fly and Dry Clothes

It is common for campers to bring more clothing than they need. One person advised packing clothes that can be easily layered and worn for a couple of days. 

2. Packing Tips

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Don’t put bug spray inside your camping bag; it can easily spill and ruin everything. One unhappy camper shared a personal experience of accidentally getting bug spray on a bag of candy, which ruined the candy.

3. Avoid Putting Bug Spray Inside Camping Bag

4. Check the Weather Before Pitching the Tent

It’s important to make an educated guess on the weather when pitching a tent, especially in areas with unstable weather. Make sure you are on high ground and not in a drainage that could be subject to flooding.

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